Civil protection; information on the tasks of the civil protection authorities.

The task of the civil protection authorities is to avert disasters and to take the necessary preparatory measures.


A disaster in the sense of the Bavarian Disaster Control Act (BayKSG) is an event in which the life or health of a large number of people or the natural basis of life (environment) or significant material assets are endangered or damaged to an unusual extent and the danger can only be averted or the disturbance can only be prevented and eliminated if the authorities, departments, organizations and the forces deployed cooperate under the direction of the disaster control authority.

In Bavaria, the disaster control authorities are the district administrative authorities - i.e., the district administrative offices and the independent municipalities -, the governments and the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, for Sports and Integration. The disaster control authorities are tasked with averting disasters and taking the necessary preparatory measures to do so.

Disaster control relies primarily on the emergency forces of the fire departments, the voluntary relief organizations and the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief - THW. In addition, all authorities and departments of the Free State of Bavaria, the municipalities, the counties and the districts, the other corporations, institutions and foundations under public law subject to the supervision of the Free State of Bavaria, as well as the associations of the Freie Wohlfahrtspflege are obliged to provide disaster relief.

Disaster management and leadership

The disaster control authority (usually the district administration, independent municipality) determines the existence and also the end of a disaster (Art. 4 BayKSG). Once the disaster has been declared, it directs the operation and ensures that all measures are coordinated (Art. 5 BayKSG). To this end, it has a comprehensive right to issue instructions to all deployed forces and participating authorities of the same or a lower level (Art. 5 BayKSG). Article 2(3) BayKSG gives the governments and the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, Sports and Integration a right of entry, i.e. they can take over operational command themselves.

For the performance of its tasks at the scene of the damage, the disaster control authority is to appoint a local head of operations. Within the scope of the mandate and instructions of the disaster control authority, this person directs all operational measures on site and can issue instructions to all deployed forces (Art. 6 BayKSG).

Tasks of the disaster control authorities

Preparatory measures

  • Planning
    • Alarm planning in fire protection and disaster control
    • General disaster control planning
    • Special disaster control plans for plants and facilities with special hazard potential
  • Regulations
    • Regulation of operational command and control during disasters and major incidents
    • Education and training
  • Exercises

Command and control in the event of a disaster

  • Overall operational command
  • Coordination of all operational measures, emergency forces and authorities involved
  • Request for external resources/response forces

Status: 23.01.2023

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