Public school teaching certificate; application for recognition of a teaching qualification from another state.

If you have taken university examinations related to teaching in another country in the Federal Republic of Germany or have acquired a teaching qualification, you can apply for recognition of your qualification certificates.



According to the "Agreement on the Mutual Recognition of Teacher Examinations and Teacher Qualifications", the First and Second State Examinations for the teaching professions are recognized within the framework of the types of teaching professions concretized by the framework agreements (see under "Legal Bases").

In addition to the "Ländergemeinsamen Strukturvorgaben für die Akkreditierung von Bachelor- und Masterstudiengängen" (Common Structural Guidelines of the Länder for the Accreditation of Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programs), the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany has adopted key points for the mutual recognition of Bachelor's and Master's degrees in degree programs that impart the educational prerequisites for a teaching profession (see under "Rechtsgrundlagen").

The "Ländergemeinsamen inhaltlichen Anforderungen für die Fachwissenschaften und Fachdidaktiken in der Lehrerbildung" (common content requirements for the subject areas and subject didactics in teacher education) describe the competencies that must be acquired in the training for the school-specific teaching profession in the respective teaching subject (see under "Rechtsgrundlagen").

If a teaching qualification acquired in another state of the Federal Republic of Germany does not correspond to the qualification for a teaching profession within the meaning of the Bavarian Teacher Education Act (BayLBG), the differences with regard to previous education, training and examinations can be compensated for by the provision of additional services.


The application can be submitted by mail or electronically to the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs.

If you would like to submit the application by mail, please send the application and the required documents in the specified form to the State Ministry.

If you wish to submit the application electronically, please use the online procedure and upload the documents.

The State Ministry will review the application and determine whether the teaching qualification obtained in a state in the Federal Republic of Germany is equivalent to the Bavarian First Teaching Qualification Examination or whether the qualification obtained in a state in the Federal Republic of Germany corresponds to the qualification for a teaching position within the meaning of the Bavarian Teacher Training Act (BayLBG).

Special notes

As a rule, employment as a teacher at private schools or at state schools within the framework of temporary contracts (e.g. as a substitute teacher, team teacher or teacher in bridge classes) is also possible without recognition of the teaching degree. In these cases, applicants should contact the school at which they wish to teach or the relevant school authority directly.

Recognition of the teaching degree does not imply any entitlement to employment in the state school service.

Applicants who are civil servants in another state in the Federal Republic of Germany or who are in permanent employment require a declaration of release (valid until at least June 30 of this year). Only applicants who will not be in breach of contract with their previous employer if they accept a state offer can be considered.



Processing time

The examination of the recognition takes place promptly after complete documentation submission.

Required documents

  • The following documents are required:

    • Curriculum vitae
    • Certificate of change of name, if applicable
    • teaching-related Bachelor's and Master's degree with transcript of records and/or certificate of the first state examination, in each case as an officially certified photocopy of the original
    • if a teaching-related Bachelor's and Master's degree program has been completed: Single photocopy of the study regulations for the respective teaching subject
    • if applicable, a certified photocopy of the original certificate of the second state examination
    • if applicable, proof of teaching activities related to the type of school (e.g. certificate on the type and scope of teaching) in an officially certified photocopy
    • for permanently employed teachers in the public school service: release certificate of the sending country
    • if the initial qualification was acquired in the EU, the EEA or Switzerland: Certificate of recognition from another country in the FRG in accordance with Directive 2005/36/EC in an officially certified photocopy of the original
    • If applicable, proof of higher education entrance qualification in officially certified photocopy of the original

Online procedures


  • none


Objection or administrative court action

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