Youth employment protection; application for a certificate of authorization to investigate.

If you need an examination authorization certificate to conduct a medical examination under the Youth Employment Protection Act, you must apply for one.



You need a certificate of authorization to examine if you are

  • are not yet 18 years old
  • you want to take up a job and
  • this work is not minor and lasts longer than 2 months.

Note: Children (not yet 15 years old) only need an examination authorization certificate if they are no longer subject to full-time compulsory schooling and wish to take up work to the extent mentioned above.

Investigative Authorization Certificates may be issued by the Department of Labor under the following conditions:

  1. The young person attends or attended a general education school in Bavaria and is no longer in possession of a Untersuchungsberechtigungsschein that he or she received from the school and does not receive another Untersuchungsberechtigungsschein from his or her school (e.g., because it is vacation time or graduation was some time ago).
  2. The young person does not attend or did not attend a Bavarian school. However, he/she will be or is to be employed in Bavaria.
    However, if he/she is in possession of an examination entitlement certificate from another federal state, the necessary examination must be carried out using the examination entitlement certificate issued by the respective federal state. There is a free choice of doctor.
  3. Another examination authorization certificate is required because, e.g.
    • the initial examination took place more than 14 months ago,
    • a further follow-up examination is required because the young person has not yet reached the age of 18, or
    • either the physician or the trade supervisory office has ordered an (extraordinary) follow-up examination.


The application must be addressed to the trade supervisory office at the government in whose district the juvenile resides or, if his or her place of residence is outside Bavaria or Germany, is employed or is to be employed.

Special notes

If the young person still attends a general education school in Bavaria, the school issues the examination authorization certificates.


The examination authorization certificate must be applied for before the examination and handed over to the doctor during the examination.

The young person or the company must submit the application for an examination authorization certificate for the initial examination in good time before starting work.

Processing time

after receipt of application up to 3 working days

Online procedures


  • none

Legal bases


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