Farm and household help with agricultural accident insurance; application

You can receive benefits from the Agricultural Employer's Liability Insurance Association (LBG) for farm and household assistance if you are unable to work or require inpatient treatment as a result of an accident at work or occupational disease.



The Agricultural Employer's Liability Insurance Association (LBG) provides benefits for farm and household assistance if

  • you are insured as an agricultural entrepreneur with the LBG,
  • you are unable to work or are hospitalized (for example, in a hospital) due to an agricultural accident or occupational disease, and
  • the benefits are necessary to ensure the agricultural business or household. The question of necessity is important in deciding whether and to what extent farm and household assistance will be provided.

Farm and household assistance benefits are also available for your or your

  • spouse or partner who is an employee of yours.
  • life partner.

Activities in non-agricultural parts of the company (subsidiary companies) are excluded from the company and household assistance.


The Agricultural Workers' Compensation Board provides its services ex officio.

  • Before you begin using a substitute worker, you must provide the LBG with certain information about yourself in the form of a "statement of facts." This is necessary to verify the following:
    • whether you meet the requirements for entitlement to the benefits
    • your business or family circumstances
  • This notification is not bound to a specific form, but LBG provides a form. You can download this from the LBG website and then fill it out.
  • If the benefit is to be paid due to incapacity for work, you must submit a medical certificate. For this purpose, the doctor can use existing forms in the practice; however, the LBG also provides its own form. Please note that you must see a transit doctor after an accident at work or on the way to work.
  • Send the documents to the LBG by mail, e-mail, fax or via the SVLFG service portal.
  • You will receive the decision of the LBG by mail.

Special notes

There are no clues or specifics.


There are no application deadlines.

  • Benefits for operating and household assistance are possible at the earliest from the date of notification of factual information.

Processing time

LBG usually makes a decision within a few days. Certain reasons can extend the processing time, for example missing documents.

Required documents

  • Required document/s

    • Notification of facts (the LBG provides a form for this purpose)
    • in the event of incapacity for work: medical certificate (the LBG provides a form for this purpose)


  • No costs are incurred.

    If LBG provides a qualified substitute, it will bear the full costs.

    If a substitute cannot be provided, LBG will reimburse the costs for an external substitute procured by you to an appropriate amount. The cash benefits actually incurred will be taken into account; benefits in kind, on the other hand, will not be taken into account. Maximum amounts apply to the reimbursement amounts. The following are considered reasonable: the proven expenses up to a daily maximum of 2.95 percent of the applicable monthly reference amount, rounded up or down to the next even euro amount.
    For each day of the service (day of deployment), you must pay a deductible to the LBG, regardless of the amount of the costs incurred. You will be informed of the exact amount in writing.


  • Appeal
    For detailed information on how to file an appeal, please refer to the decision of the accident insurance institution.
  • Action before the social court after an unsuccessful appeal


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