Registration of motor vehicles; application for a red registration plate

Test drives and transfer drives with motor vehicles can be carried out with red license plates.


Red number plates are allocated by the locally competent registration authority to reliable motor vehicle manufacturers, motor vehicle parts manufacturers, motor vehicle workshops and motor vehicle dealers on a temporary or revocable basis for recurring operational use, also on different vehicles. A registration plate with red lettering on a white background with red edges consists of a distinguishing sign and an identification number which, like the short-term registration plate, consists only of digits and begins with "06".

Note: The red number plate must be used with the special vehicle registration booklet.


The applicant must

  • be reliable,
  • own a motor vehicle-related business registered in his name.


You must submit the application to the registration authority in whose jurisdiction you have your place of business. You can also appoint a representative with your written power of attorney.

If an application form is required, you can obtain it in advance from the registration authority and complete it at home. Depending on what your registration authority offers, a download form or an online service via the Internet may be available.

Your insurance company will automatically be informed by the registration authority that the number plate has been allocated.

The registration authority will then allocate the number plates to you.

Tip: You can have the licence plates produced during the registration process. To do this, you can contact private providers, who are usually located near the registration authorities.

Required documents

  • Business registration
  • valid identity card or passport of the trade owner (or all trade owners)
  • in case of representation: written power of attorney and additionally valid identity card or passport of the authorized person
  • Declaration on the collection of motor vehicle tax
  • for legal entities: Excerpt from the commercial register and identity card of all managing directors or authorised signatories
  • Proof of the applicant's reliability

    to be substantiated as a rule by information from the Federal Central Register (certificate of good conduct), information from the Central Trade Register or information from the Central Traffic Register at the Federal Motor Vehicle Office

  • if no application form is provided: written explanation of the need
  • Confirmation of insurance in the form of an eVB number


  • The fee for the allocation of red number plates is a maximum of 205.00 euros.

Status: 05.08.2021

Responsible for editing: Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wohnen, Bau und Verkehr

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