Population projections; preparation

The Bavarian State Office for Statistics provides regionalized population projections.


Bavaria is facing considerable demographic changes - in addition to the statewide aging of the population, the population will decrease in some sub-areas. Since demographic development varies considerably from region to region, the Bavarian State Office of Statistics provides the regionalized population projection as an instrument that - in combination with local expert knowledge - enables a region-specific situation analysis based on current data.

The regionalized population projection of the Bavarian State Statistical Office is calculated according to a scientifically sound method (using the SIKURS software), which is also used by the Federal Statistical Office, the other state statistical offices, the statistical offices of most major German cities and the official statistics in the neighboring countries of Austria and Switzerland. Current results are available at the level of counties and independent cities, regions, administrative districts and for the entire Free State.

In addition to these results, the Bavarian State Office of Statistics also provides the Demography Mirror for Bavarian Municipalities, which provides projected population figures for all Bavarian municipalities. For more information on demographic change in Bavaria, see "Further links".


  • The results of the projections are available for download free of charge.


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