Motor vehicle; request for removal from service

The registration of a motor vehicle may be interrupted by its removal from service.


With the decommissioning, the registration of the vehicle is terminated. The most common case is the sale of the vehicle. Until a new buyer is found, the vehicle tax and insurance is saved. Another main reason is the decommissioning of motorcycles, caravans and convertibles during the winter months.

The decommissioning can be done at any registration office. You can reserve your license plate for the purpose of re-registration (see "Related topics").

Vehicles can also be taken out of service via the Internet. The prerequisite for this is an electronic ID card with signature function and that the new unlockable security codes are already on the license plate and registration certificate Part I (vehicle registration document).

These stickers and the new vehicle registration certificate samples have been issued since January 1, 2015 for every registration process (where required).

For more information on internet-based decommissioning, see "Related links".

You can only initiate decommissioning via the Internet using the website of your responsible registration authority.


After seven years, a new operating permit is required for re-registration in the absence of proof.

Required documents

  • Registration certificate Part I

    The decommissioning is entered in the registration certificate Part I.

    Since January 01, 2015, decommissioning can also be carried out internet-based. Since October 1, 2019, the decommissioning has been automated on the Internet and is effective immediately upon completion of the entries.

    The prerequisites for this are, in addition to the electronic ID card with the corresponding signature, the security codes of the registration certificate Part I and the license plates.

    You can access the Internet-based processes on the portal of your registration authority. You can also obtain further information there.

  • Official registration number(s)


    • Decommissioning at a registration office: 6,90 Euro
    • Taking out of service via the Internet: 5,70 Euro
    • plus fee of the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (0,60 Euro) and for used document seals (0,30 Euro each), in case of reservation of the license plate for re-registration of the same vehicle additionally 2,60 Euro

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Status: 09.02.2022

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