Electromobility; application for funding for charging infrastructure not accessible to the public.

With the funding guideline "Non-public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Bavaria", the Free State of Bavaria promotes the procurement and installation of stationary, non-public charging points for electric vehicles, including grid connection and installation.



Charging in the non-public, commercial sector in particular is becoming increasingly important. Accordingly, charging an electric vehicle in a company's fleet operations is a frequent use scenario of charging infrastructure in non-public areas and holds great potential for the electrification of transport. For this reason, the new program promotes the development of charging infrastructure in the non-public area of companies and municipalities. The aim of the funding is to support companies and municipalities in switching to electrically powered vehicles and to create a sufficient charging infrastructure for this purpose.


Procurement and construction of stationary, non-public charging points for electric vehicles in Bavaria, including the necessary network connection and installation of the charging station. Expenses for planning, the approval process and operation are excluded from the funding.

The following items are part of the guideline and can be funded

  • Charging at tourist locations: charging points for electric vehicles at tourist establishments in Bavaria (normal and fast charging points are eligible for funding)
  • Municipal charging: Non-commercial municipalities in Bavaria can apply for up to a maximum of nine charging points (normal and fast charging points eligible)
  • Fleet charging ("mixed fleet deployment): Charging points for different charging needs in fleets (at least one fast charging point).
  • Charging of company vehicles at the employee's home: Installation of charging points at the employee's home.

Recipients/project sponsors

  • Charging at tourist locations: natural persons and legal entities active in the tourism sector are eligible to apply, for example, operators of hotels, vacation homes/apartments, campsites.
  • Municipal loading: Only municipalities are supported, provided that this support does not concern economic activities of municipalities and consequently no company is supported.
  • Fleet loading ("mixed fleet use): Individuals and legal entities engaged in economic activities are eligible to apply.
  • Charging of company vehicles at the employee's home: Eligible to apply are natural and legal persons who are economically active as employers and who want to set up charging infrastructure for company vehicles at the place of residence of the employee who is subject to social insurance contributions.

Type and amount

The subsidy amounts to up to 90 percent of the eligible expenses, but not more than 1,500 euros per charging point (regardless of the charging capacity). Per applicant, the total grant amount under this funding guideline is limited to 150,000 euros over the program period. The maximum total funding per charging point is nine or ten charging points, or 15,000 euros.


Essential requirements:

  • The project duration until commissioning should not exceed twelve months.
  • Only the acquisition of new charging points in Bavaria is eligible for funding. Modernization, replacement or leasing/renting of charging points are not eligible for funding.
  • The threshold value of the de minimis regulation (de minimis aid of a maximum of EUR 200,000 within three fiscal years per company) must be taken into account when assessing the subsidy.
  • The subsidized charging points/charging devices in accordance with Section 3 of the Charging Column Ordinance (LSV) must be supplied at all times with renewable energy or from on-site self-generated renewable electricity (e.g. electricity from photovoltaic systems).

Grants are only awarded for projects that have not yet been started.


The application for a grant must be submitted electronically together with the de minimis declaration (see link under "Online procedure").

The granting authority (Bayern Innovativ) decides on the application and expressly reserves the right to also request online applications signed by mail for legal or technical reasons.


The application for payment must be submitted digitally via the online procedure after the commissioning of the funded charging points by December 31, 2023 at the latest.

In justified individual cases, the granting agency may allow an extension of the deadline at the request of the recipient of the grant.

Payment is generally made in one installment.

The application must be accompanied by a report on the completion of the measure and proof of use, including copies of the main supporting documents; the right to request further documents is reserved.

Required documents

  • De Minimis Declaration

Online procedures


  • None


An appeal against the funding decision can be lodged directly with the Bavarian Administrative Court in Munich within one month of its notification.

Status: 14.06.2022

Responsible for editing: Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft, Landesentwicklung und Energie

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