Geoportal Bayern; access to geodata, geodata services and applications

The Geoportal Bayern is the central access to geodata, geodata services and geo-applications which are available within the framework of the Geodata Infrastructure Bavaria (GDI-BY).


Geodata are data that have a spatial reference. This includes the so-called basic geodata of the surveying administration, such as aerial photographs and topographic maps. There is also geospatial data. This is information from specialized authorities, such as data on protected areas, noise propagation or the monument status of buildings. Today, geodata are mostly available in digital form. Numerous authorities and other institutions make their geodata available on the Internet. In some cases, geodata are provided in the form of standardized Internet services (geodata services) so that they can be integrated directly into geospatial applications. Some organizations also operate specialized applications on the Internet in which geodata and geoservices are permanently integrated.

The goal of a geodata infrastructure (GDI) is to simplify access to geodata, geodata services and applications.

With the Geoportal Bayern, an Internet application is made available with which geodata, geodata services and applications can be accessed in a simple manner.

The Geoportal Bayern has two basic components:

  1. With the search function you have the possibility to search specifically for geo resources. On the one hand, you can search for individual words (technical terms or geographical information) such as aerial photograph, monument or Upper Bavaria. On the other hand, combined search queries can also be processed, for example, the combination of a technical term and a geographical indication (e.g. urban land use planning Augsburg). Geodata sets are displayed as search results of the geodata search. All linked geodata services and/or applications are displayed for the individual geodata sets. The download services found during a search (Web Feature Services or pre-defind Atom download services) can be downloaded using a download client or within a GI system. It is also possible to filter search results according to various criteria.
  2. The selected display services can be transferred and viewed directly in a map viewer, the BayernAtlas. It is possible to combine the integrated services as desired. The BayernAtlas, which contains maps and aerial photographs of the surveying administration (geographic base data) as background, can also be called up independently of search results.

The search function and map viewer (BayernAtlas) are closely linked, which makes it possible to switch quickly between the two components.


We do not recommend using browsers older than 1.5 years.

To be able to use the BayernAtlas optimally, you need a browser with JavaScript capability that is as up-to-date as possible.

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Status: 30.09.2022

Responsible for editing: Landesamt für Digitalisierung, Breitband und Vermessung

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