Test engineer in motor vehicle monitoring organization; application for examination of professional qualification

The test engineers in motor vehicle monitoring organizations must prove their professional suitability by passing an examination. The government of Lower Bavaria checks the admission requirements, issues the examination certificate and keeps the personnel files.



The applicant as a test engineer must meet the following requirements to be eligible to register for the examination:

  • be at least 23 years old
  • be mentally and physically suitable and reliable,
  • hold a driving license for motor vehicles of all classes, except classes D and D1, and there is no driving ban against him according to § 25 of the Road Traffic Act or § 44 of the Criminal Code, or the driving license has been taken into custody, seized or confiscated according to § 94 of the Code of Criminal Procedure,
  • have successfully completed a course of study in mechanical engineering, automotive engineering or electrical engineering at a university located within the scope of this Ordinance or at a university or public or state-recognized technical college recognized as equivalent,
  • have participated in a training course of at least six months' duration which meets the requirements of the training and further training plan published in the Verkehrsblatt by the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport with the approval of the supreme state authorities (the duration of the training course may be shortened to three months if proof is furnished of at least three years' full-time work as a motor vehicle expert)
  • not be entrusted by any other inspection organization,
  • be employed full-time as a motor vehicle expert.


The inspection organization with which the applicant is employed submits an application for admission to the examination of professional qualification. The application must be accompanied by the required documents listed below. The government of Lower Bavaria checks the application for completeness as well as the fulfillment of the requirements. The monitoring organization is responsible for registration with the examination board. The Government of Lower Bavaria confirms the registration with the examination board after checking the submitted documents.

Special notes

Annually, there is a summer exam and a winter exam.

The requirements must be met by the following deadlines:

  • Participation in the summer examination: cut-off date 30.06. of the examination year.
  • Participation in the winter examination: cut-off date 31.12. of the examination year


The documents for the summer test must be submitted to the Government of Lower Bavaria in January, the documents for the winter test in July of the test year.

The exact date for the submission of the documents will be announced to the Technical Inspection Agency or the monitoring organizations in due time.

Required documents

  • Curriculum vitae with photograph

  • Diploma/Bachelor's/Master's degree certificate

  • Diploma/Bachelor's/Master's degree

  • Copy of driver's license

  • Certificate of good conduct

    (not older than 6 months)

  • Information from the driver suitability register

    (not older than 6 months)

  • Employment or partnership contract

  • Confirmation of physical and mental fitness


  • Participation fees for examination: 481,00 EUR


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