Animal show, animal exhibition, animal exchange; notification or application for a permit.

Animal shows, animal exhibitions, animal fairs and other animal events must be reported to or approved by the locally responsible district administrative authority.


The district administrative authorities are responsible for receiving applications for animal shows, animal exchanges and animal exhibitions. They examine the herds of origin of exhibition animals, issue health certificates and monitor animal shows (species-appropriate housing, expertise, health certificates).

In the case of animal breeding shows, animal evaluation shows and animal sporting events, which are organized by recognized breeding organizations according to the requirements of the animal breeding legislation or by other breeding associations according to comparable criteria, the focus is usually on the aspect of exhibition, competition or performance testing. The sale or exchange of animals is limited to individual animals that have been exhibited, evaluated or used for sport purposes at the event. If the sale or exchange of animals at animal shows or animal sporting events goes beyond individual cases and these are not events of breeding organizations recognized under animal breeding law, this part of the event may constitute an animal exchange requiring a permit.

Animal exchanges are events at which animals are offered for sale or exchange. They also require a permit from the competent authority under animal protection law (see "Animal protection permits" under "Related topics"). The person responsible requires a certificate of competence. Providers who act commercially, even if they participate in an animal exchange, are subject to Section 11 (1) sentence 1 number 8 letter b of the Animal Welfare Act (TierSchG).

As a rule, you must submit the application for approval of an animal exhibition in person to the responsible district administrative authority. This is done either by means of a form provided by the authority or an informal application.

The informal application should include the following items:

  • Details of the organizer and the person responsible
  • Place, time and period of the event
  • Details of the animals and animal species exhibited or offered for sale

The venue to be used for the event will be inspected on site by the responsible veterinary authority. The permit for the animal exhibition (possibly with conditions and restrictions) or, if applicable, the negative decision as well as the fee notice are usually sent by mail.


Dangerous animals such as venomous snakes or scorpions are not allowed at pet fairs. Special restrictions apply to species-protected animals.


Animal shows must be notified to the competent authority by the organizer at least four weeks before they begin.


  • The fees range from 20 to 500 euros.


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