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Within the framework of the Social Code, everyone has a right of access to social insurance. In this approx. 90% of German citizens are granted by law or statute (compulsory insurance) or on the basis of voluntary access or voluntary continuation of insurance Voluntary insurance the necessary measures for the protection, preservation, improvement and restoration of health and performance as well as economic security in the event of illness, need for long-term care, maternity Pregnancy and maternity, benefits for, maternity protection, reduction in earning capacity pensions and old-age pensions. This also applies to the survivors of an insured person survivors, assistance for, pensioners' health insurance, as well as foreign workers and their family members remaining in the home country on the basis of European Union regulations and social security agreements. See also self-employed persons, social security for

§ 4 Social Security Code I

Social insurance institutions are

  • in statutory health insurance, the (Allgemeine) Ortskrankenkassen, the Betriebskrankenkassen, the Innungskrankenkassen, the Sozialversicherung für Landwirtschaft, Forsten und Gartenbau, the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft-Bahn-See and the Ersatzkassen;
  • in social long-term care insurance, the long-term care insurance funds set up with the health insurance funds (one long-term care insurance fund is set up with each health insurance fund);
  • in statutory pension insurance, the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund, the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft-Bahn-See, the regional institutions of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung (e.g. Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bayern Süd, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Nordbayern, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Schwaben) and the Sozialversicherung für Landwirtschaft, Forsten und Gartenbau;
  • in statutory accident insurance, the industrial and agricultural employers' liability insurance associations, the municipal accident insurance associations, the accident insurance funds of the Länder and the municipalities, the fire brigade accident insurance funds, the joint accident insurance funds for the Land and municipal sectors, and the federal and railway accident insurance funds;
  • in unemployment insurance, the Federal Employment Agency with its head office in Nuremberg, the regional directorates and the employment agencies.

The above-mentioned institutions are independent public-law corporations which administer themselves and over which the state exercises only limited legal supervision. Through self-administration, employees and employers participate in the formation of the insurance institution's will and in the execution of its tasks.

Social Security Code III, Social Security Code V, Social Security Code VI, Social Security Code VII, Social Security Code XI, Second Act on Health Insurance for Farmers (KVLG 1989), Act on Old-Age Insurance for Farmers (ALG), Social Insurance for Artists Act.

Social insurance institutions

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