Pedagogical specialist for elementary school childcare; application for funding for participation in school trial

The Free State of Bavaria supports the participation in the school trial "Pedagogical Specialist for Primary School Childcare".



The school experiment "Pedagogical Specialist for Primary School Childcare" examines the extent to which a new specialized school subject with its own vocational qualification can contribute to the recruitment of pedagogical specialists in the socio-educational field of work.


The object of the funding is participation in the school trial. The purpose of the trial is to examine the extent to which a new specialized school subject with its own vocational qualification can contribute to the recruitment of pedagogical specialists in the field of social pedagogy.

After the end of the school trial in the 2024/2025 school year, the results will be evaluated and the necessity and adequacy of state funding for a new specialized school for this training occupation will be assessed.

Grant recipient

Funding recipients can be municipal regional authorities or special-purpose associations as school authorities of municipal specialized schools for elementary school childcare as well as private sponsors of such specialized schools.

Eligible costs

Eligible costs in the case of municipal specialized schools are the teaching staff costs of the municipal school authority and in the case of private specialized schools the necessary staff and school costs of the private school authority caused by participation in the school experiment.

Type and amount

The funding is provided as a non-repayable grant in the form of fixed-amount financing (project funding).

The amount of the grant is, in the case of municipal technical colleges, the amount of the statutory teaching staff allowance (Art. 16 Para. 1 i. V. m. Art. 18 Para. 1 - 3 Bavarian School Financing Act (BaySchFG)).

In the case of private technical schools, the amount of the subsidy is the sum of

  • the amount of the operating subsidy (Art. 41 Para. 1 - 3, in conjunction with Art. 16 Para. 1, Art. 18 Para. 1 - 3 BaySchFG)
  • the amount of the tuition reimbursement according to Art. 47 Para. 3 BaySchFG
  • the amount of the care bonus according to No. 1.3.6 of the KMBek dated 12.06.2019, amended by KMBek dated 02.09.2019.

The calculation of the above-mentioned amounts is based on the circumstances on the cut-off date of the official school data of the funded school year.


Prerequisites are:

  • Legally binding waiver of the levying of school fees from the students.
  • Adherence to the total weekly hours according to the timetable of the supported vocational school in accordance with the total weekly hours of the timetable of the school experiment (Annex 2 of the school experiment announcement).
  • The teaching staff member has a teaching qualification for vocational schools or a school supervisory permit or tolerance for the subject to be taught at the vocational school in question.
  • The salary or remuneration of the teaching staff at a municipal school corresponds to the salary or remuneration for comparable state teachers.
  • Secured economic and legal position of the teaching staff at a private technical school according to Art. 97 Para. 1 of the Bavarian Law on Education (BayEUG).


Applications must be submitted to the locally responsible government using the application forms provided and enclosing a financing plan.

The local government is also the granting authority.

Special notes

The grant is paid in installments of ¼ of the previous year's amount on February 15 and May 15, as well as a final payment.


The grant application must be submitted by November 10 of each year for the following fiscal year.

Processing time

The processing time depends on the release of the Official School Data.

Required documents

  • Financing plan


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  • none

Legal bases

  • Refinanzierung des Schulversuchs „Pädagogische Fachkraft für Grundschulkindbetreuung“

    Bekanntmachung des Bayerischen Staatsministeriums für Unterricht und Kultus vom 5. Mai 2020, Az. VI.7-BH9001.7/96/10 (BayMBl. Nr. 282)


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