Civil service; information on careers and career entry at the Free State of Bavaria

The public service in Bavaria offers a large number of interesting and varied jobs in the most diverse fields of activity - both for civil servants and for employees.


In addition to the "classic" areas such as tax administration, the judiciary and the police, many other professional fields are represented at the Free State of Bavaria: from university lecturers to architects and administrative IT specialists to employees in clinics and museums.

Employment with the Free State of Bavaria brings with it many advantages. In particular, the civil service offers you

  • Performance-oriented pay,
  • modern workplaces,
  • flexible working hours,
  • generous leave of absence and part-time work..,
  • extensive training opportunities,
  • good development and qualification opportunities,
  • opportunities for deployment throughout Bavaria and
  • a crisis-proof job!

The following requirements are expected of you, among others:

  • Interest in an independent and responsible job,
  • enjoyment of working in a team,
  • flexibility,
  • Willingness to constantly deepen your own knowledge through further training and to keep up to date as well as
  • pleasure in active and creative participation within a modern administration.

Civil servants

The largest group of employees in the public service of the Free State of Bavaria are civil servants. Applicants can be appointed as civil servants if they have the necessary qualifications. In addition, German citizenship or citizenship of another member state of the European Union is a basic requirement for civil servant status.

Entry into the performance career/ civil service is in one of the four qualification levels according to the respective previous education and training. In the case of outstanding performance, there are also opportunities to qualify for posts at the next higher qualification level.

The various areas of responsibility and activity are grouped into a total of six specialist career paths, within which there are different specialist focuses and areas of responsibility. For some of these areas, a special preparatory service has been set up which is tailored to the needs of the civil service.

You can find more information about the basic hiring requirements and development opportunities in the civil service of the Bavarian administration on the website of the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance and Home Affairs (see under "Further links": "The civil service - an attractive employer!"). The Bavarian State Ministry of Finance and Home Affairs is responsible for all public service law in Bavaria - from training and pay to pensions. You can also find out about the special requirements and the varied activities of the individual divisions on the websites of the relevant ministries as well as from the recruitment authorities (see also under "Responsible for you": "Authorities"). The recruitment authorities will be happy to help you.


In addition to the group of civil servants, the Free State of Bavaria also employs workers who are employed under private law. For the employees of the Free State of Bavaria, the State Ministry of Finance and Home Affairs exercises the central employer function and negotiates the collective agreements with the trade unions.

Employees are deployed in varied and interesting areas of responsibility and at all levels of public administration. Depending on the level of education and professional experience, workers are employed in the following areas, for example:

  • General administrative work (e.g. secretary, clerk),
  • Data processing (e.g. data entry clerk, programmer),
  • technical (e.g. master craftsman, engineer),
  • medical-technical area (e.g. medical-technical assistant),
  • nursing service (e.g. as nursing assistant, nurse),
  • driver, caretaker, craftsman, etc.

For further information, please contact the hiring authorities (see also under "Responsible for you": "Authorities").

Training and study places

Training places in public administration, in the judiciary and in the general law enforcement service (second qualification level) as well as study places at the Bavarian Civil Service University (third qualification level) are awarded once a year. For this purpose, the Bavarian State Personnel Committee conducts a central selection procedure in each case. Further information on the admission requirements, the selection examination and the recruitment procedure can be found on the website of the Bavarian State Personnel Committee (see "Further links").

In addition to these entry opportunities, there are also training courses (e.g. the police civil service in the second qualification level), practice-integrated dual courses of study (agricultural, surveying and building administration) and the course of study in administrative informatics (see also under "Further links": "Entry into the civil service - studies in the civil service") which are not subject to the above-mentioned allocation procedure of the Bavarian State Personnel Committee. Detailed information on these training courses and degree programmes as well as on the respective recruitment procedure can be found on the websites of the relevant ministries as well as at the respective recruitment authorities.


The authorities in Bavaria publish external job advertisements and job offers, among other things

  • on the websites of the respective authorities
  • in job and vacancy portals and
  • in print media (e.g. in the Bayerische Staatszeitung, also online see "Further links").

If you are interested in one of the many job opportunities in the civil service, you can contact the respective hiring authority. Unsolicited applications are possible with many authorities.

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