Road traffic; application for a special permit

The road traffic authorities may, under certain conditions, exempt road users from the general traffic rules of the Road Traffic Regulations and the special traffic rules of signage and marking by granting an exemption.



The road traffic authorities may only grant an exemption in particularly urgent exceptional situations in individual cases or in general for certain applicants (meaning here, for example, severely disabled persons with exceptional walking disabilities and blind persons, residents, craftsmen or persons working in social services) and only for a limited period of time.

They are required to make strict demands on the proof of the special exceptional situation and the urgency. The safety of traffic must not be impaired by the special permit. If necessary, the road traffic authority must ensure this by imposing additional requirements and conditions. Losses in the fluidity of traffic are also to be prevented as far as possible by such requirements and conditions, if necessary.

The road traffic authority shall conduct a hearing procedure for this purpose. Affected authorities will be heard in this process. As a citizen, however, you have no legal claim to the granting of such an exemption. You can, however, demand that the road traffic authority exercise its discretion in accordance with its duty. The exceptional situation asserted by you must be weighed up by the road traffic authority against the public interests and the interests of third parties.

Information can be obtained from the road traffic authorities at the district offices, independent cities and municipalities.

Required documents

  • Suggestion with presentation of the special urgent exceptional situation and its qualified interests

    Evidence for this depends on the individual case.


  • The fee for the decision on an exemption is €10.20 to €767.00 per exemption and per vehicle/person. In the case of several vehicles/persons or similar cases, a reduced total fee can be charged. Different fee regulations apply for exemptions in the area of large and heavy goods traffic.

    In addition, there may be costs for expenses of the authorities.

Legal bases


Administrative court proceedings; information

administrative claim


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