Sign language in administrative proceedings; request for reimbursement of costs

Parties to an administrative proceeding may request reimbursement for sign language interpreters and communication aides.


Hearing-impaired people have the right to use German sign language in administrative proceedings.

They can apply for reimbursement for the use of sign language interpreters vis-à-vis public authorities or courts, as well as for hearing- or speech-impaired parents of children who are not hearing- or speech-impaired when communicating with daycare facilities and daycare centers and with school.

The necessary expenses for sign language interpreters, sign language instructors, communication assistants are reimbursed. Travel costs and other necessary expenses are reimbursed in full. If other communication aids are used, the authorities shall bear the expenses incurred insofar as they are necessary and reasonable.

The costs shall be reimbursed at the rates of the German Judicial Remuneration and Compensation Act (JVEG).


  • You have a hearing or speech impairment.
  • You have used sign language or other communication aids to exercise your own rights in an administrative procedure or to communicate with the daycare facility, daycare center or school.
  • The administrative procedure cannot be conducted in writing or you cannot adequately exercise rights by expressing yourself in writing.
  • You have provided the communication aids yourself.
  • You have informed the authority of your choice of communication aids in good time. A subsequent change is only possible if there is an objective reason for it and the change does not lead to a significant delay in the procedure.


If you provide the communication aid yourself, you can apply for reimbursement to the relevant district administrative authority.

If you wish, the reimbursement of expenses can be paid directly to the provider of the service.

Required documents

  • Proof of expenses

    (e.g. invoices)


  • none


You can lodge an appeal against the costs decision.

(Optional) appeal procedure

Status: 17.05.2023

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