Vocational school for nursing; application for investment cost subsidy

Private - state-approved or state-recognized - vocational nursing schools can apply for investment cost funding.



  • An investment cost grant is awarded to sponsors of state-approved or state-recognized vocational nursing schools in Bavaria, provided that these sponsors are legal entities under public or private law and operate on a non-profit basis.
  • The grant recipient receives a lump-sum training budget from the Bavarian Nursing Training Fund (Pflegeausbildungsfonds Bayern GmbH) in accordance with Sections 29 and 30 of the Nursing Professions Act (Pflegeberufegesetz) and Section 8 of the Nursing Professions Training Financing Ordinance (Pflegeberufe-Ausbildungsfinanzierungsverordnung).
  • Sponsors of vocational nursing schools that are necessarily associated with a hospital as training facilities within the meaning of Section 2 no. 1a letters e and f of the Hospital Financing Act and are included in the hospital plan of the Free State of Bavaria do not receive funding on the basis of the present funding guidelines.
  • Multiple funding is not permitted. Grants are not awarded for expenditure on room and office equipment if the expenditure is refinanced under other state and federal programs. The costs of items purchased or manufactured for the initial establishment of a vocational school for nursing, which directly serve the theoretical and practical training and are approved by the school authorities, cannot be funded under these guidelines.


Funding is granted upon application to the locally responsible government.

Grants are awarded in the form of written or electronic notifications. As a rule, the grant period is the school year in accordance with Art. 5 Para. 1 Sentence 1 of the Bavarian Education Act (BayEUG).

The local government pays the rent subsidy in installments on August 15, November 15 and February 15 as well as a final payment on May 15 of the subsidized school year. If the school year at a vocational school for nursing differs from the regular school year, the disbursement authority specifies the disbursement dates in the notice of approval.

Special notes

Useful and consumable items may not be teaching and working materials or office and school supplies.

The procurement of the items must comply with the applicable procurement law regulations.


The application for expenditure on items of room and office equipment must be submitted to the relevant government no later than July 1 prior to the funded school year.

If the school year of a vocational school for nursing differs from the school year pursuant to Art. 5 (1) BayEUG (August 1 to July 31 of the following calendar year), the application must be submitted no later than one month before the start of the school year.

No purchase will be refinanced that has already been made in the current school year, i.e. before the application was submitted.

Required documents

  • The following documents are required for the application:

    • Table with details of items of room and office equipment for which a grant is being applied for (see under "Forms")
    • Confirmation of receipt of the lump-sum training budget in accordance with §§ 29, 30 of the Nursing Professions Act
      from the Bavarian Nursing Training Fund GmbH
    • Current certificate of non-profit status from the tax office
    • Proof of use for a grant for fixed assets

  • The following form is required for the proof of use:

    • Proof of use for a grant for fixed assets.

    The right to request further supporting documents is reserved.


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