Public amusement; notification and application for a permit

Anyone wishing to organize a public entertainment must notify the municipality in writing at least one week in advance. In special cases, permission is required.


If you want to organize a public entertainment, you must notify the municipality in writing at least one week in advance, stating the type, location and time of the event and the number of participants to be admitted. For regularly recurring, similar public entertainment, a single notification is sufficient. The obligation to notify shall not apply to amusements which serve primarily religious, artistic, cultural, scientific, instructional or educational purposes or commercial advertising, provided that the amusements take place in rooms intended for events of the type intended.

Amusement is an event intended and suitable to entertain, amuse, disperse or relax the visitors. Assemblies in the sense of the right of assembly are not covered by this. The entertainment is public if access is not restricted to very specific persons or to specially invited guests.

The organization of public entertainment requires permission if the required notification is not made in due time, if it is a motor sport event or if more than 1000 visitors are to be admitted at the same time to an event that is to take place outside of designated facilities. The municipalities are responsible for granting permission, for motor sport events the independent municipalities, district offices and large district towns. Permission is to be refused if it appears necessary to prevent danger to life, health or property or to protect against significant disadvantages or significant nuisances for the general public or the neighborhood or against significant impairment of nature or the landscape. The same applies if other regulations under public law conflict with this.

For the protection of these legal interests, the municipalities, for motor sport events (see below "Related topics") the independent municipalities, district offices and large district cities, can issue orders for individual cases for the organization of public and other amusements. If these are not sufficient or if other regulations under public law are opposed, the event may also be prohibited.

Municipal ordinances, the existence of which you can find out about from the relevant municipality, may result in modifications to the aforementioned notification and permit obligations as well as other requirements.

Priority special regulations may apply to certain events, about which you can also obtain information from the municipalities. Examples include public festivals, lotteries, casinos, aviation events, the burning of pyrotechnic objects and - particularly important in practice - cycling or motor sport events that take place exclusively on public roads. For the latter, permission or an exception under traffic law is required from the responsible road traffic authority.


An organizer in this sense is anyone who creates the conditions for holding and carrying out the event by organizing and managing it or in any other significant way.


The application for a permit or the notification of an event not requiring a permit must be submitted as early as possible.

The notification must be made at least one week before the event. The application for the granting of a permit must be submitted to the competent authority in good time so that it has a reasonable period of time to check whether the event is eligible for a permit. Otherwise, the permit cannot be issued.

Required documents

  • Display about public entertainment

    In addition to the name of the organizer, the notice of public entertainment shall also contain information on the type, place and time of the event and the number of participants to be admitted.


  • The fee range for granting a permit for a motor sport event is 30 to 1,250 EURO (Tariff No. 2.II.1/3 of the Schedule of Costs); to this must be added any expenses.


Administrative court proceedings; information

administrative claim

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