Motor vehicle license plates; application for a seasonal license plate

Some vehicles are often only moved on public roads for a certain period of the year. If this period is maintained unchanged each year, e.g. from April to October, registration on a seasonal license plate might be recommended.


The German Vehicle Registration Ordinance (Fahrzeug-Zulassungsverordnung - FZV) offers the legal option of using motor vehicles on public roads only during a certain period of the year. This can be done by taking the vehicle out of service and re-registering it.
However, if the operating periods are the same every year, the so-called seasonal registration is an option. The operating period is indicated on the license plate in full months. The registration can be for a minimum of two and a maximum of 11 months per year. It is not permissible to split the registration into several shorter periods per year.

Once registered in this way, the motor vehicles can be used in the specified operating period in any year without having to visit the registration authority again. General inspections that fall within the rest period may be made up in the first month of the next operating period. During the rest of the year, vehicles may not be moved or parked in public traffic areas.

Seasonal license plates can also be assigned internet-based.

You can access the internet-based processes on the portal of your registration authority. You can also obtain further information there.

Information on the online procedures of the registration authorities can be found under "Further links".


Registrable vehicle

Required documents

  • Registration certificate Part I and II

  • EU certificate of conformity in original (for new vehicles)

  • official identification document

  • Confirmation of the existence of motor vehicle liability insurance (insurance confirmation - "eVB")

  • Power of attorney (also required for registration for a relative)

  • SEPA mandate for collection of vehicle tax

    Customs online - payment of vehicle tax

  • Consent of the legal guardian in case of application by a minor


  • For vehicles with general operating permit/EU type approval, you must pay 30.00 EURO.

    If you want a vanity plate, this fee increases by 10.20 EURO.

    If a registration certificate has not yet been issued, additional fees apply.

    The fees increase by the fee of the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (between 0.60 and 3.80 Euro). As well as the fees for document seal (0.30 Euro each) and, if applicable, reservation (2.60 Euro).

    You must obtain the license plates yourself at your own expense from private suppliers.


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