Avalanche warning service; publication of the avalanche situation report for the Bavarian Alpine region.

The avalanche warning service includes measures that serve to warn the population of dangers from avalanches and to inform authorities and private bodies for the preparation and implementation of hazard prevention.


Responsible skiers and tourers can obtain important - sometimes vital - information via the avalanche situation report, which is updated daily.

Avalanches pose a deadly danger. In order to effectively counter the avalanche danger in the winter mountains, the Avalanche Warning Service was established for the Bavarian Alpine region. The task of the Avalanche Warning Service (LWD) is to warn the population of dangers, to document avalanche events and to advise authorities and private bodies in the preparation and implementation of hazard prevention. In order to fulfill this task, the affected Bavarian communities have established local avalanche commissions. The members of the avalanche commissions assess the snowpack, weather and avalanche situation during the winter and inform the respective municipality as safety authority about the current avalanche situation. If necessary, the avalanche commissions provide recommendations for avalanche safety measures (e.g. road and ski run closures or artificial avalanche releases). The local information forms the basis for local avalanche warnings. The information from the avalanche commissions as well as the volunteers at measuring and observation stations and the data from the automatic measuring stations converge at the avalanche warning center (LWZ), where they form the basis for supraregional avalanche warnings. In the winter months, the LWZ publishes the daily avalanche situation report for the Bavarian Alpine region. The addressees include the safety authorities, the local avalanche commissions, the German Weather Service, the German Alpine Club, the mountain rescue service and various press organs.


Snow conditions in the Bavarian Alps

Special notes

The current avalanche situation report is available on telephone band (089) 9214-1210 or can be viewed on teletext (Bayerisches Fernsehen panel 646). The current avalanche situation report and supplementary advice for ski tourers are also available on the Internet (for link, see "Further links") and can be obtained by e-mail after registration on the Internet.

The situation report is also available in Telegram messenger. The avalanche warning service in also in Facebook.

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