Culture; information on the cultural work of the districts

Cultivating regional culture is one of the central tasks of the districts. As active partners and promoters of regional cultural work, the districts want to help shape a lively, social community life that is connected to the respective region.


The regional cultural work of the districts has the following focal points:

  • Customs and traditional costumes
    The work here focuses on preserving and maintaining, advising on and coordinating the historical cultural heritage. This includes, for example, regional history, settlement and living, dialect, folklore, customs, festivals and traditional costumes. The goal is to bring tradition and modernity into harmony, thus linking the past, present and future.
  • Cultural promotion and honors
    The districts promote regional artists and projects and award prizes for commitment in the cultural field.
  • Museums
    The districts' museums offer interesting insights into regional history. The open-air museums are a special focus.
  • Theater and amateur dramatics
    The districts participate in the maintenance of professional theaters and are the contact for amateur dramatics.
  • Music and media
    The districts maintain vocational schools for music as well as research centers for folk music and historical songs.
    Some districts have also appointed volunteer popular music commissioners who serve as regional contacts for musical genres, especially pop, rock and jazz. Specialist media advice is also becoming increasingly important, focusing on the responsible and active use of media, especially in work with children and young people.
  • Preservation of historical monuments
    Preservation of historical monuments is an important part of the districts' cultural work. For this reason, the districts provide grants to promote the preservation of historic buildings and provide advice on measures to preserve historical monuments.

Status: 08.02.2023

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