Shooting permit; application

Permission to shoot with a firearm is granted by a permit issued by the competent district administrative authority (district office or independent city).


Permission to shoot with a firearm is granted by means of a permit issued by the district administrative authority responsible for you (district office or independent city) (§ 10 para. 5 WaffG).

In certain limited cases, shooting with firearms can also be without a permit. For example, shooting at a shooting range does not require a permit.

The need for a special shooting permit can be justified, for example, with the control of pests, insofar as the use of weapons is a suitable means of combating the respective species (e.g. pest bird control in the fishing industry and in orchards or vineyards outside of § 12 para. 4 WaffG).

Further reasons for need, which can lead to the granting of a shooting license, can exist in the area of customs as well as in the shooting of game in the wild or other free-living animal species. The killing of feral domestic pigeons in the inner city area to protect the population from pathogens and historic buildings from damage by pigeon droppings is also not a hunting practice in the sense of the Federal Hunting Act and therefore requires a shooting permit under weapons law, for which a need must be credibly demonstrated.


A permit requires that the applicant

  • has reached the age of 18, or 21 for the acquisition and possession of large-caliber weapons by sport shooters,
  • has the required reliability and personal suitability
  • has demonstrated the required expertise
  • has proven a need
  • has proven insurance against liability in the amount of 1 million euros - lump sum for personal injury and property damage.

In addition, a shooting permit requires the existence of a permit under weapons law for the acquisition and possession of the firearms with which shooting is to take place (weapons possession card) - see "Related topics".

Reliability is generally verified by the district administrative authority. Proof of expertise, need and liability insurance must be provided by the applicant.

Required documents

  • Certificate of competence
  • Proof of need
  • Proof of insurance against liability in the amount of 1 million euros - lump sum for personal injury and property damage

Status: 12.07.2022

Responsible for editing: Bayerisches Staatsministerium des Innern, für Sport und Integration

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