Voluntary military service; application

Men and women may perform voluntary military service under certain conditions.


As of 01.07.2011, compulsory military service in Germany was suspended. Since then, men and women have been able to perform voluntary military service with the German Armed Forces. It consists of a six-month probationary period and subsequent voluntary military service up to a maximum duration of 17 months. Voluntary military service can be performed by both men and women. There is no legal right to perform voluntary military service. Termination of voluntary military service is possible at any time during the probationary period upon application.

The career counseling offices and career centers inform all young people who have not objected to their registration data being passed on to the registration offices about the new voluntary military service by means of information material before they reach the age of majority.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local career counseling office or career center.


  • Submission of a declaration of commitment to the responsible career counseling office or career center
  • Nationality: German as defined by the German Basic Law (Grundgesetz)
  • Minimum age: 18 years (17 years with the consent of a parent or guardian)
  • School/vocational training: Compulsory schooling fulfilled
  • Medical fitness (to be checked by medical examination)
  • for a commitment period of more than 12 months, submission of a declaration on deployment abroad
  • no reason for exclusion according to § 38 Soldiers' Act

Required documents

  • Your application must include the following documents, some of which must bear your original signature:

    • Application form
    • Additional questionnaire
    • Curriculum vitae (in tabular form with date and signature)
    • Birth certificate/descendancy certificate/extract from the family register
    • Uninterrupted proof of employment since leaving school (references or certificates of employment)
    • Graduation certificates
    • proof of studies, journeyman's, assistant's, skilled worker's, master craftsman's certificate
    • In the case of financial obligations, corresponding documents (loan agreement, hire purchase agreement, debt settlement plan, etc.)
    • possibly medical documents (more recent)
    • and if necessary further documents

    The application documents should only be compiled after a detailed consultation with the careers advice team and handed in personally at a second appointment.

    Here you will also have the opportunity to have the necessary certifications carried out free of charge, as it will not be possible to cover the costs at a later date.

Online procedures

  • Freiwilliger Wehrdienst - Online-Bewerbung

    You can also apply online as a volunteer for military service. The online application is used to initiate an application for a military career. By sending your online application, you establish initial contact with the career counselors. You will receive an appointment for a personal interview from them.


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