Nursing assistant; application for the recognition of foreign vocational training

You can have a school/vocational qualification in nursing assistance acquired abroad checked for equivalence with Bavarian vocational training as a "nursing assistant (geriatric nursing)" or "nursing assistant (nursing)".


The activity as a "nursing assistant (geriatric care)" or "nursing assistant (nursing)" is not regulated in Bavaria. You may carry out an activity in this field even without recognition of equivalence.

However, you may only call yourself a "nursing assistant (geriatric care)" or "nursing assistant (nursing)" if the equivalence of your foreign qualification has been recognized.


A procedure for equivalence assessment may be applied for by any person who has

  • has acquired a training qualification or other professional qualification in nursing assistance abroad and
  • intends to pursue gainful employment in Bavaria.

Training certificate/training qualification means that a professional qualification completed abroad must be proven.

Intention to be gainfully employed means that the person applying must have the intention to be gainfully employed in Bavaria. You must document this intention with evidence, such as proof of applying for an entry visa for gainful employment or proof that you have had contact with potential employers. If you are a national or resident of the EU, the European Economic Area or Switzerland and there are no special reasons against your intention, you do not have to provide any proof.

In principle, the application must be submitted in person. Authorizations are possible.

An application can be submitted regardless of nationality and residence status.


Generally, you will receive a confirmation that your application has been received within one month. You may also receive a list of documents that are still missing and that you must submit subsequently.

The examination is always carried out on the basis of the documents submitted or requested.

If the documents are complete, it will be checked whether there are significant differences in content or time between the professional qualification acquired abroad and the qualification as "nursing assistant (geriatric care)" or "nursing assistant (nursing)". If there are significant differences, these can be compensated for by other proof of qualification (e.g. further training, additional training) or by proven relevant professional experience.

If there are no significant differences, the full equivalence is determined in a notice. With such a certificate of equivalence, you will be treated legally in the same way as a person with a corresponding Bavarian professional qualification.

If equivalence cannot be established, your application will be rejected.

Processing time

You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt within one month of submitting the documents. If all documents are complete, the competent body must decide on the equivalence within three months. This period is suspended as long as additional documents have to be requested. In difficult cases, the decision deadline can be extended once for good cause.

Required documents

  • a tabular list in German of the training courses and, where applicable, of the gainful employment pursued to date

  • Proof of identity (identity card or passport) in copy

  • in case of change of name within the documents: a copy of the marriage certificate

  • Proof that the applicant wants to work in Bavaria, in German language

    (e.g. by applying for an entry visa for gainful employment, contacting potential employers, declaration of intent to take up employment in Bavaria, certificate of registration from the residents' registration office)

  • Proof of the training qualification obtained abroad or of another qualification with a list of hours and subjects

    (in copy as well as with translation into German by a publicly appointed or sworn interpreter or translator)

  • other qualifications

    (e.g. on further vocational training or retraining certificates), as a copy and with a translation into German by a publicly appointed or sworn interpreter or translator

  • Proof of relevant professional experience (e.g. employer's references, work books) in copy and with translation into German by a publicly appointed or sworn interpreter or translator.

  • if applicable, documents relating to previous recognition procedures

Online procedures


  • 70,00 EUR


An action may be brought against the decision before the Administrative Court. An objection procedure in accordance with Art. 15 of the Law on the Implementation of the Administrative Court Rules (AGVwGO) does not have to be carried out in advance. In particular, these are not "personal examination decisions" within the meaning of Art. 15 AGVwGO.

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