Substance consumer protection; market surveillance

Substance-related consumer protection or market surveillance is primarily understood to mean the monitoring of the placing on the market of substances, mixtures and articles by manufacturers, importers and users as well as wholesalers and retailers.


The large number of chemical substances or mixtures that are used in the most diverse areas of our society requires correspondingly far-reaching legal regulations to protect people and the environment.

While the district administrative authorities perform the general tasks of environmental protection, the trade supervisory authorities are responsible for monitoring the marketing of chemical products, particularly with regard to packaging and labeling as well as restrictions and bans on use. Compliance with dispensing regulations for hazardous chemicals is also monitored.

Keeping pace with technology, increasing product diversity and trade volumes requires continuous development of regulatory monitoring strategies and methods. For this reason, market monitoring is not only carried out on site, but has also been taking place in Internet trade for many years.


Each trade supervisory office assumes special responsibilities for the whole of Bavaria. You can also find an overview of the relevant responsibilities under "Further links".

  • Trade Supervisory Office at the Government of Lower Franconia: is responsible for the enforcement of the REACH Regulation (except for authorization) and the CLP Regulation throughout Bavaria.
  • Trade Supervisory Office at the Government of Upper Franconia:
    • is responsible throughout Bavaria for the enforcement of the Biocides Regulation and the authorizations according to the REACH Regulation
    • is responsible in the administrative districts of Upper Palatinate, Middle, Upper and Lower Franconia for the F-Gases Ordinance, the Ozone Ordinance and the dispensing regulations under the ChemVerbotsV
  • Trade Supervisory Office at the Government of Lower Bavaria:
    • is responsible throughout Bavaria for the enforcement of the POP-VO, the PIC-VO, the RoHS-Directive, the Decopaint-Directive, the receipt of notifications as well as the granting of permits and expertise according to the ChemVerbotsV
    • is responsible in the administrative districts of Swabia, Upper Bavaria and Lower Bavaria for the F-Gas-VO, the Ozone-VO and the dispensing regulations according to the ChemVerbotsV

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