Identity card and electronic residence permit; information on stored data

You can request to see the data stored on the chip of your new identity card or electronic residence permit at the identity card authority. You can also view this data on your own PC at home.


With the introduction of the new identity card and the electronic residence permit with the eID function, the prerequisites for unique identification on the Internet have been created. The data stored on your ID card can be requested and used by service providers with a valid authorisation certificate.

At the request of the ID card holder, the ID card authority will grant access to the readable data stored in the electronic storage and processing medium. To do so, you must go to the identity card authority in person.

With the self-disclosure, the online service "Ausweis-Auskunft", you have an overview of your personal data on the chip of your new identity card or your electronic residence permit at any time. It allows you to view all the data that can be read out when using the online ID card function of the new ID card. Your personal data will not be stored, transferred or processed in any further applications.

The following data can be read out by providers on the Internet or by vending machines within the scope of the online ID card function if you agree to encrypted transmission by entering your PIN:

1. surname,
1a. Birth name,
2. First names,
3. Doctoral degree,
4. Date of birth,
5. Place of birth,
6. Address,
7. Document type,
7a. Last day of validity,
8. Service and card-specific indicator,
9. Abbreviation "D" for Federal Republic of Germany,
10. Indication of whether over or under a certain age,
11. Indication of whether a place of residence corresponds to the place of residence queried,
12. Order name, artist name.

These data are not transmitted completely, not automatically and not with every application. Whether and which data is released and transmitted depends on the authorisation certificate of the provider of the online service and your consent. Only the information on the validity and whether the badge is blocked are transmitted in any case.

All other data stored on the chip (including biometric data, i.e. photo and fingerprints) cannot be read by the service provider.


You need a new identity card or electronic residence permit.

To be able to use the online service "Ausweis-Auskunft", you need:

  • Your new identity card or electronic residence permit with ready-to-use eID function (including self-selected, six-digit PIN) and.
  • a card reader or an NFC-enabled smartphone (Android or iOS).
  • In addition, the AusweisApp2 or other suitable software must be installed on your computer. You can download the AusweisApp2 free of charge (see "Further links").


  • free of charge

Status: 01.04.2022

Responsible for editing: Bayerisches Staatsministerium des Innern, für Sport und Integration

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