Studies as a civil servant; information about the department of finance (special focus on tax)

The tax study programme leading to the degree "Diplom-Finanzwirt/in (FH)" is characterised by the efficient combination of theoretical training (university of applied sciences) and practical training in financial administration. The course of study is offered at the University of Applied Sciences for Public Service, Department of Finance in Herrsching and Kaufbeuren. Internships take place in Bavarian tax offices.


The goal of the training is to become competent auditors in the tax office who will later issue tax assessments on their own responsibility. To this end, they must be able to think economically, determine the facts and, of course, have a good knowledge of the entire tax law. As tax auditors, they check the taxpayers' bookkeeping and other data in the interest of uniform and fair taxation. Later, as heads of department, they can organise and coordinate the work of a group of colleagues reporting to them. Finally, there is the possibility of being used for special tasks in the Bavarian State Tax Office and in the Ministry. Accordingly, the focus of the training is on tax law: income tax, wage tax, trade tax, corporation tax, turnover tax and inheritance tax dominate together with balance sheet tax law and business accounting. Of course, private law (civil and commercial law, securities and company law), economics, as well as constitutional and administrative law are also part of their understanding. As part of their studies, tax inspector candidates are also instructed in the computer applications used at the tax offices.

Training begins annually on 1 October. The recruitment figures are based on the needs of the tax administration. More detailed information on the content and procedure of the course, the hiring authorities and the application process can be found on the Internet (see "Further links").


Recruitment requirements:

  • Unrestricted entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences, subject-linked entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences, general entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences or an educational level recognised as equivalent by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs, Science and the Arts (e.g. master craftsman's examination and equivalent further vocational training examinations).
  • German citizenship or citizenship of another member state of the European Union or citizenship of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland.
  • Age limit: 45 years of age not yet reached at the time of recruitment
  • Successful participation in the special selection procedure of the state personnel committee and in the separate selection procedure of the respective business area.

The first requirement for the course of study is the establishment of a civil service relationship with a Bavarian employer. This employer then assigns the civil servant to the university for study.

The prerequisite for the establishment of the civil service relationship is first of all the passing of a state-wide selection procedure in which all applicants of a year must participate.


Please note the dates for the selection procedure by the Bavarian State Personnel Committee (see "Further links").


  • Students receive free accommodation at the place of study during the theoretical parts of their studies.

Status: 01.10.2021

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