Whistleblower protection; transmission of information on violations to Bavarian state reporting office

Employees of state authorities may forward information pursuant to the Whistleblower Protection Act on misconduct in connection with their work to the responsible internal reporting office for the business area.


The EU Directive 2019/1937 on the "Protection of Persons Reporting Breaches of Union Law" has been transposed into national law by the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG).

The Whistleblower Protection Act protects all persons who, in connection with their official or professional activities, have obtained information about specific violations covered by Section 2 HinSchG and forward this information to reporting bodies.

The protection of the whistleblower extends, for example, to reprisals based on a report of violations of regulations, such as denial of promotion, termination in the case of employees covered by collective bargaining agreements, change of area of responsibility, disciplinary measures or discrimination.

All former and active employees in the business unit can contact the business unit's internal reporting office if the requirement of becoming aware of a matter in the service context is met; information obtained during the recruitment process can also be reported to the internal reporting office.


Violations of rules can be exemplified by

  • Violations of public procurement regulations,
  • statements made by civil servants,
    • violations of the duty of loyalty to the constitution,
    • violations of regulations on the protection of personal data
    • other actions subject to criminal penalties and fines.


However, the Business Area's internal reporting system is not intended for criminal reports or other matters that do not involve misconduct in an official context; if necessary, contact the relevant competent authorities, for example the police.


Electronic transmission in the business area of the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance and Home Affairs.

The report can be submitted digitally via the internal reporting system. The advantage of this reporting system is that targeted queries and feedback on a report are possible via your mailbox in BayernID. Confidentiality is maintained at all times thanks to the high technical standards.

  • You open the online procedure via the link under "Online procedure".
  • You register - if you have not already done so - in BayernID for the first time or log in with your BayernID.
  • The online procedure offers the possibility to upload attachments up to a size of 5 MB.
  • Within seven days, you will receive an initial response via your BayernID mailbox.

Notification by telephone or in person

In addition, reports can also be submitted by telephone or in person with an appointment at the internal reporting office.

  • Reporting office for the division of the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance and Home Affairs:
    Telephone number: 089/2306-2150
  • Reporting office for the business area of the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care:
    Telephone number: 089/540233-680 or -684
    E-mail address: Interne.Meldestelle@stmgp.bayern.de (Attention: E-mails sent from an address outside the authorities' network are regularly not transmitted in encrypted form!)

Anonymous reports are not processed.

Your data will be used for processing your report and stored for the legally permissible period.

Special notes

The disclosure of business secrets or information subject to confidentiality obligations to reporting offices is covered by the HinSchG; however, the obtaining of this information must not be based on any criminal act. If false information is reported intentionally or through gross negligence, there could be a legitimate interest in the identity of the reporting persons in order to be able to assert any claims for damages.


There is no deadline.

Processing time

You will receive an initial response via your BayernID mailbox within seven days.

Online procedures


  • There are no costs involved.


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