Occasional offering for sale of goods; application for a permit

If you would like to offer goods for immediate sale on a special occasion, such as a public festival, trade fair or market, you will need a permit from the competent authority. A travel trade license is not required.


If you wish to offer goods for immediate sale due to the occasional organization of trade fairs, exhibitions, public festivals (e.g. folk, anniversary or church fairs) or for special occasions (e.g. sporting events, state visits or major demonstrations), you do not need a traveling trade card if you have a permit from the competent authority.

After applying for a permit, the competent authority will decide whether to approve your application to sell the goods. The competent authority will issue the permit

  • for the scope of the sales activity,
  • for a specific location and
  • for a limited period of time for a specific event.

The permit is not transferable. It does not replace any other permits and approvals that may have to be obtained from other authorities (e.g. permits under road or traffic law in the form of special use permits).


  • You would like to offer goods (not services) at a specific event or for a specific occasion.
  • The sale of the goods you wish to offer must not be prohibited in the traveling trade (e.g. precious metals, precious stones, alcohol - with certain exceptions)
  • You offer the goods at the event itself, or at least on the fringes of the event in question. There must therefore be a temporal and spatial connection to the event (e.g. on the forecourt or access roads).


  • You can apply for the permit informally or using the form provided together with the required documents to the competent authority.
  • You will be notified of the authority's decision by e-mail or post.

Required documents

  • Copy of identity card or passport with certificate of registration


Administrative court action


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