Building measurement; implementation

The Offices for Digitization, Broadband and Surveying are legally obliged to document the current building stock in the real estate cadastre. A map of the property boundaries without buildings on it would also only be of limited use.





  • The fees for the surveying and cadastral treatment of building alterations are based on the construction costs or, alternatively, the usual production costs, even if the building alteration is not subject to approval or procedure under building law.

    Construction costs

    up to EUR 25,000: EUR 130
    over EUR 25,000 up to EUR 125,000: EUR 330
    over EUR 125,000 up to EUR 300,000: 650 EUR
    over 300,000 EUR up to 500,000 EUR: EUR 990
    over EUR 500,000 up to EUR 1 million: EUR 1,450
    over EUR 1 million up to EUR 2.5 million: EUR 2,100
    over EUR 2.5 million up to EUR 5 million: EUR 2,850
    over EUR 5 million up to EUR 50 million: an additional EUR 1,400 for each additional EUR 2.5 million or part thereof
    over EUR 50 million: an additional EUR 950 for each additional EUR 2.5 million or part thereof


Administrative court proceedings; information

Administrative court action


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