Building measurement; implementation

The Offices for Digitization, Broadband and Surveying are required by law to also document the current building stock in the real estate cadastre. A map of property boundaries without buildings on it would also be of limited use.


In addition to land, the real estate cadastre also records the building stock. The buildings are displayed and described in the official real estate cadastre information system (ALKIS).

The record of buildings in the real estate cadastre is a valuable contribution by the Digitization, Broadband and Surveying Offices to securing ownership (and thus to legal certainty) and to planning by public or private bodies.

The offices for digitization, broadband and surveying record all changes in the building stock (for example, new buildings, demolitions, extensions, changes in use) as promptly as possible. This includes the floor plan as well as building heights and roof shapes. The surveying of buildings is a statutory task and is therefore carried out ex officio without the need for an application. The Surveying and Cadastral Act obliges the building owners to bear the costs of the surveying and cadastral treatment of the building change.

If you have commissioned an inspection expert for surveying in the construction industry to supervise your building project, or if you intend to do so, the expert can also carry out the building surveying under certain conditions. For more information, please contact your local Office for Digitization, Broadband and Surveying.




  • The fees for the surveying and cadastral treatment of building alterations are based on the construction costs, alternatively the ordinary production costs, even if the building alteration is exempt from building permits or procedures.

    Building costs

    up to 25,000 EUR: 130 EUR
    over 25,000 EUR up to 125,000 EUR: 330 EUR
    over 125,000 EUR to 300,000 EUR: 650 EUR
    over 300,000 EUR to 500,000 EUR: 990 EUR
    over 500.000 EUR to 1 Mio EUR: 1.450 EUR
    over 1 Mio EUR to 2,5 Mio EUR: 2.100 EUR
    over 2,5 Mio EUR to 5 Mio EUR: 2,850 EUR
    over 5 Mio EUR up to 50 Mio EUR: each additional 2.5 Mio EUR or part thereof: additional 1,400 EUR
    over 50 Mio EUR: each additional 2.5 Mio EUR or part thereof: additional 950 EUR


Administrative court proceedings; information

administrative claim


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