Profession in industry, trade and services; application for recognition of a foreign professional qualification for a profession regulated by national law

If you have obtained a qualification abroad in a profession that is regulated by state law in Bavaria, you can have it recognized. Recognition can give you better opportunities on the Bavarian job market.



All persons who have completed a foreign professional qualification and wish to work in the Free State of Bavaria are eligible to apply. Country of origin and residence status are not relevant for the recognition procedure.


To apply for professional recognition, send the required documents by post or electronically to the Chamber of Industry and Commerce responsible for you. After four weeks at the latest, you will receive confirmation that the documents have been received, and any missing documents will be requested. The letter will also include a fee notice with the necessary payment information.

As soon as all documents are complete and the fees have been received, the equivalence assessment procedure begins. The IHK uses the documents to compare whether there are any significant differences between the foreign professional qualification and the corresponding Bavarian profession. If this is the case, the IHK assesses whether these differences are compensated for by proven professional experience or further qualifications (e.g. further training). After 3 months at the latest, the IHK will issue an official and legally binding decision on the result of the examination, listing the existing qualifications and any missing qualifications.

Special notes


The Chambers of Industry and Commerce are responsible for certain professions throughout Bavaria in accordance with chamber regulations.

Regional complement (Industrie- und Handelskammer für München und Oberbayern)

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria is responsible for the following professions throughout Bavaria in accordance with chamber regulations:

  • Training qualifications according to § 66 BBIG
    • Specialist trainee for office communication
    • Specialist trainee for electrotechnical systems
    • Specialist trainee for vehicle maintenance
    • Specialist trainee for industrial mechanics
    • Specialist trainee for recycling and waste management
    • Specialist trainee in kitchen (cook)
    • Specialist trainee for media technology screen printing
    • Specialist trainee for personal services
    • Specialist trainee in sales
    • Specialist trainee for machining mechanics
  • Further training qualifications in accordance with §§ 54, 71 Para. 2 BBIG
    • Bar manager (certified)
    • Bartender (certified)
    • Company brewmaster
    • Diet cook (certified)
    • Energy specialist (certified)
    • Purchasing and logistics specialist (certified)
    • Specialist in the hospitality industry
    • Visual Merchandising Specialist
    • Beverage operations manager
    • Industrial foreman specializing in aviation technology
    • Industrial foreman specializing in wood processing
    • Master craftsman for rail traffic (certified)
    • Sawmill foreman
    • Protection and security officer (certified)
    • Sommelier (certified) specializing in trade
    • Sommelier (certified) specializing in gastronomy
    • Technical industrial manager (certified)

Processing time

The competent body shall acknowledge receipt of the application within one month and, if necessary, indicate which documents need to be supplemented. If the documents are complete, the decision must be taken within three months. In justified cases, this period may be extended by one month.

Required documents

  • The following documents are required:

    • Curriculum vitae (tabular list of education and training completed and employment).
    • Proof of identity (identity card or passport, if applicable proof of change of name in colour copy)
    • Foreign proof of education (diploma) - in original language in colour copy and in German or English translation (original or colour copy)
    • If available: Evidence of relevant professional experience (e.g. employment references, work books, letters of reference) - in original language in colour copy and in German or English translation in colour copy.
    • If available: Other evidence of qualifications (e.g. certificates of further training or retraining) - in original language in colour copy and in German or English translation in colour copy.
    • Only for persons who are not citizens of the EU/EEA/Switzerland or who live outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland: Declaration of intention to work (e.g. proof of application for an entry visa for gainful employment, proof of contact with an employer).
    • Information on the content of the foreign qualification (e.g. syllabus, overview of subjects) - in original language in colour copy and in German or English translation in colour copy

Regional complement (Industrie- und Handelskammer für München und Oberbayern)

Online procedures

Regional complement (Industrie- und Handelskammer für München und Oberbayern)


  • Between EUR 100 and EUR 600 depending on the estimated costs.

    As the applicant, you must bear these costs yourself. You may also incur additional personal costs (e.g. for translations or notarizations). Under certain conditions, you can receive financial support for these costs.


Objection or administrative court action

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