Motor vehicle; application for new registration

You must register motor vehicles in order to operate them on public roads. This is for reasons of road safety, vehicle tax and the need to be able to identify the owner or driver.


In the case of a new vehicle with general operating permit or EU type approval, you must apply to the registration authority for the allocation of an official license plate. In principle, it is not necessary to present the vehicle.

In the case of vehicles that come from abroad and for which a registration certificate Part II must be issued by the registration authority, the motor vehicle must be presented to the registration authority for identification.

When a license plate is assigned as part of the registration procedure, you are usually assigned a combination of letters and numbers over which you have no influence. However, if you would like a specific letter and number combination (e.g. your initials or year of birth), you can apply for such a license plate for a fee.


When registering the motor vehicle, you must prove that you have the right to dispose of the motor vehicle, e.g. by presenting the registration certificate Part II. In addition, the so-called EU Certificate of Conformity must be presented in the original or the manufacturer must have enabled electronic data retrieval.

In the case of modifications made to the vehicle after purchase that require acceptance (e.g. trailer coupling, ALU rims, spoiler, auxiliary heating, etc.), you need prior acceptance by the officially recognized expert (in Bavaria: TÜV) for the registration of the motor vehicle.

Since October 1, 2019, initial registrations can also be carried out internet-based.

Prerequisites for this are, in addition to the electronic ID card with the appropriate signature. In addition, a registration certificate part II with deposited security code. The vehicle must correspond to an EC type and the manufacturer has deposited a corresponding data record (he is obliged to do so if he has issued a registration certificate part II after 1.10.2019). In addition, an electronic insurance confirmation (eVB) must be retrievable.

The process is checked internet-based you will receive the registration documents a few days later by mail.

You can access the Internet-based processes on the portal of your registration authority. You can also obtain further information there.


in principle none

If there is a period of more than 18 months between the confirmation of the type approval and the registration, a vehicle inspection must be carried out by the officially recognized expert or the inspector of a monitoring organization in order to check the compliance of the vehicle.

Required documents

  • Registration certificate part II (vehicle title)
  • EC certificate of conformity in the original or as a data retrieval file
  • Contract of sale
  • official identification document
  • Confirmation of the existence of motor vehicle liability insurance (insurance confirmation - "eVB")
  • Report of an officially recognised expert (if applicable)
  • Power of attorney (also required for registration in the name of the spouse)
  • Consent of the legal guardian in the case of admission to a minor


  • For vehicles with general operating permit/EG type approval, you must pay 27.00 euros.

    In the event that data must still be collected by the registration authority, an additional 15.30 euros will be charged.

    These fees are increased by 10.20 Euro in case of requesting a special license plate.

    Additional fees also apply if a registration certificate Part II has not yet been issued.

    The fees are increased by the fees of the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (3,80 Euro if no Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil II has been issued yet). In addition, there may be fees for document seals (0.30 Euro each) and reservation (2.60 Euro). You must obtain the license plates yourself from private vendors at your own expense.

Status: 04.05.2023

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