Motor vehicle; application for new registration

You must register motor vehicles to operate them on public roads. This is done for reasons of road safety and to collect vehicle tax, as well as to be able to identify the owner or driver.



When registering the vehicle, you must prove that you are authorized to dispose of the vehicle, e.g. by presenting the registration certificate part II. In addition, the original EU certificate of conformity must be presented or the manufacturer must have enabled electronic data retrieval.

Any modifications made to the vehicle that require approval (e.g. trailer coupling, aluminium rims, spoiler, auxiliary heater, etc.) must be approved in advance by the officially recognized expert for motor vehicle traffic (in Bavaria: TÜV Süd) or a technical service authorized in accordance with the EC Vehicle Approval Regulation.

Initial registrations can also be carried out online.

The prerequisite for this is registration via a citizen account with appropriate authentication (electronic ID card, residence permit with ID function or Elster certificate). In addition, a registration certificate part II with a stored security code must be available. The vehicle must correspond to an EU type and the manufacturer must have deposited a corresponding data record (he is obliged to do so if he has issued a registration certificate Part II after 1.10.2019). An electronic insurance confirmation (eVB) must also be available.

The process is checked online and the vehicle is automatically registered if all requirements are met. You can then call up a provisional registration certificate. You can then print this out and carry it in the vehicle or display it. You must attach the license plates without stamp stickers to the vehicle. You can then drive the vehicle in Germany for a maximum period of ten days.

If you receive the registration documents by post, you must affix the inspection stickers and stamp stickers.

You can access the internet-based processes on the portal of your registration authority. You will also find further information there.

Information on the online procedures of the registration authorities can be found under "Further links".


generally none

In the event that there is a period of more than 18 months between the confirmation of the type approval/EC type approval and the registration, the registration authority may carry out a vehicle inspection by the officially recognized expert for motor vehicle traffic (in Bavaria: TÜV Süd) or a technical service authorized in accordance with the EC Vehicle Approval Regulation to check that the vehicle complies with the regulations. This inspection also serves to determine whether the vehicle still complies with the technical regulations valid at the time of registration.

Required documents

  • Registration certificate part II (vehicle title)

  • EU certificate of conformity in the original or as data retrieval

  • Purchase contract or other proof of the right of disposal

    (if authorization to dispose must be proven)

  • official identification document

  • Confirmation of the existence of motor vehicle liability insurance (insurance confirmation - "eVB")

  • Expert opinion of an officially recognized expert for motor vehicle traffic (in Bavaria: TÜV Süd) or of a technical service appropriately authorized in accordance with the EC Vehicle Approval Ordinance).

  • Power of attorney (also required for registration for a relative)

  • SEPA mandate for collection of vehicle tax

    Customs online - payment of vehicle tax

  • Consent of the legal guardian in case of application by a minor


  • For vehicles with general type approval/EU type approval, you must pay EUR 30.00.

    In the event that the registration authority still has to collect data because it is not available for retrieval, an additional EUR 15.30 will be charged.

    These fees increase by EUR 10.20 if you apply for a license plate of your choice.

    Even if no registration certificate part II has yet been issued, additional fees will be charged.

    Internet-based initial registration costs EUR 13.10. The registration authority may also charge for any postage costs incurred.

    The fees are increased by the fees of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (EUR 3.80 if no registration certificate Part II has yet been issued). In addition, there may be fees for document seals (EUR 0.30 each) and reservation (EUR 2.60).

    You must obtain the license plates yourself from private providers at your own expense.


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