Special Corona Pandemic Fund; application for reimbursement of emergency response costs in connection with the Corona Pandemic.

The Free State of Bavaria shall reimburse the Bavarian municipalities and voluntary relief organisations for the deployment costs incurred by them on the occasion of the disaster operation from 9 December 2020 up to and including 6 June 2021 to deal with the Corona pandemic.



Compensation for the deployment costs incurred by the civil protection authorities and the organisations obliged to provide civil protection assistance in dealing with the disaster situation 'Corona pandemic' during the period of the disaster in Bavaria, which was established with effect from 9 December 2020, or which were initiated during this period. The reimbursement period ended at the end of 6 June 2021.


Compensation for deployment costs incurred during the disaster from March 16, 2020 to June 16, 2020 will be made in accordance with the SARS-CoV-2 Deployment Cost Reimbursement Policy dated July 16, 2020 Ref. D4-2258-4-5 and G7VZ-G8000-2020/122-433. Here, the deadline for submitting applications to the governments was March 31, 2021.


In particular, expenses for the following typical operational measures are reimbursed:

  • Establishment of the disaster control command group including specialist advisors and maintenance of operational readiness during the presence of the disaster.
  • Deployment of a FüGK care manager
  • Measures taken by the disaster control authorities to reinforce and maintain the rescue service, insofar as no settlement is possible under the Bavarian Rescue Service Act (BayRDG)
  • Deployment of forces from the care pool
  • Use of persons for services and work performances
  • Use of equipment
  • Other deployment measures of the disaster control authorities.

Reimbursement recipients

  • the districts and independent municipalities as bearers of the expenses of the district administrative authorities (disaster control authorities),
  • the municipalities belonging to the districts,
  • the administrative communities,
  • the districts,
  • the other public corporations, institutions and foundations subject to the supervision of the Free State of Bavaria,
  • the voluntary aid organisations and
  • the associations of non-statutory welfare organisations.

Type and amount

Reimbursements are granted without personal contribution for expenses that are

  • are directly related to the Corona pandemic in terms of time and substance,
  • were necessary to avert an imminent danger or to prevent major material damage, and
  • were reasonable and economically justifiable in the context of combating the Corona pandemic.

Reimbursement does not apply if the expenses are offset by other means (for example, offsetting) or can be offset (for example, by the social insurance carriers, nursing care insurance fund for expenses incurred by nursing care facilities). The determination of the catastrophe does not change any obligations to bear costs under civil or public law. Double reimbursements due to additional claims for other Corona measures are excluded.

Reimbursement is made without legal entitlement within the framework of the resources available for this purpose in the Special Corona Pandemic Fund. Reimbursement of deployment costs from the Civil Protection Fund is not possible in addition to or beyond this.


The individual reimbursement requirements can be found in the Directive on the Reimbursement of Deployment Costs for Disaster Management on the Occasion of the Corona Pandemic from the Special Corona Pandemic Fund during the Disaster Determined with Effect from 9 December 2020 (SARS-CoV-2 Deployment Cost Reimbursement Directive from December 2020). These can be found in the "Legal basis" section.


The applications are to be submitted with a factual report to the locally responsible district administrative authority. After a preliminary examination, this authority forwards them to the government, which decides on the applications.

Organisations with a supra-regional disaster relief obligation (whose area of responsibility covers more than four district administrative authorities) submit their application directly to the government responsible for the location of their registered office.

Complete and final applications can be submitted for closed periods. Subsequent submission of additional costs is generally not permitted.


Requests for reimbursement to offset deployment costs must be submitted by November 30, 2021, due to the budgetary principle of annuality.

Processing time

By submitting complete application documents with verifiable supporting documents, time-consuming subsequent requests for supporting documents can be avoided. This makes it possible to process the application more quickly. A processing time of several months is to be expected.


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Administrative court action (commitment action)

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