Hazardous substances; registration for the examination of expertise

For the dispensing of certain hazardous (e.g. acutely toxic) substances, relevant expertise is a prerequisite. The proof of expertise is provided by taking the offered examination. You must register for the examination.


Anyone who supplies substances or mixtures which, according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 (CLP Regulation)

  • with the hazard pictogram GHS06 (skull and crossbones),
  • the hazard pictogram GHS08 (health hazard),
  • the signal word "Danger" and one of the hazard statements H340, H350, H350i, H360, H360F, H360D, H360FD, H360Fd, H360Df, H370, H372,
  • the hazard pictogram GHS03 Flame over circle, or
  • the hazard pictogram GHS02 (flame) and one of the hazard statements H224, H241 or H242 or emit hydrogen phosphide when used as directed,

must demonstrate expertise in accordance with § 11 of the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance (ChemVerbotsV).

The expert knowledge is proven by an examination at the Trade Supervisory Office of the Government of Lower Bavaria. Registration is required to take the examination.

You do not need to take an examination if you have acquired one of the other qualifications listed in Section 11 (3) ChemVerbotsV:

  • Pharmacist,
  • pharmacist assistant,
  • Pharmaceutical engineer,
  • Pharmaceutical technical assistant,
  • druggist (examination as of 01.07.1992),
  • state-certified pest controlleror passed an examination in accordance with earlier regulations

or have passed an examination in accordance with earlier regulations which corresponds to the expert knowledge examination.

To prove your expertise in accordance with Section 11 of the ChemVerbotsV, there are the following different examination scopes, depending on the type of chemicals you wish to dispense:

  • the comprehensive examination of expertise for the supply of all hazardous substances and mixtures listed in Annex 2 to the ChemVerbotsV,
  • the restricted examination for the supply of certain goods, e.g. swimming pool chemicals, painting and varnishing supplies for do-it-yourselfers,
  • the restricted examination for biocidal products and plant protection products,
  • the other restricted examination for the placing on the market of no more than two hazardous substances or mixtures, e.g. fuel containing methanol for model engines, blacking agents containing selenium.

The examination consists of a basic examination part for all examination forms (GFK I) and one or two additional parts according to the question complexes, GFK II and III of the common question catalog of the federal states (GFK).


You need a proof of expertise according to § 11 Abs.1 ChemVerbotsV.


The registration for the examination must be made via the online procedure.

A confirmation of registration with information on the examination venue, examination time and other information will be sent to the e-mail address specified in the online procedure.


Dates for examinations are regularly published on the website of the Government of Lower Bavaria (see "Further links").

Online procedures


    • comprehensive examination: 125,00 EUR
    • limited expert knowledge examination: 85,00 EUR


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