Appraisers in the appraisal committee; appointment and dismissal

Appraisers on appraisal committees must be appointed and dismissed by the competent authority.


An expert committee is formed at each district office (for the area of the district) and at each independent municipality (for its area). The expert committee must include a civil servant in the specialist career path of administration and finance with a focus on non-technical administrative service. As a rule, the appraisers are appointed and dismissed by the district administrative authority. In addition, the expert committee must include one employee each from the responsible financial and state surveying authorities. These appraisers are appointed on the recommendation of an authority designated by the State Ministry of Finance and for Home Affairs.

For the area of the Free State of Bavaria, an Upper Expert Committee is formed. The "Upper Expert Committee for Real Estate Values in the Free State of Bavaria" is an autonomous and independent body of experts which, at the beginning of its term of office, is composed of a chairman and 25 honorary additional experts. The appraisers of the Higher Appraisal Committee are appointed and dismissed by the Bavarian State Ministry of Housing, Construction and Transportation. Three appraisers must be employees of the finance or surveying administration. These appraisers are appointed on the recommendation of the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance and Home Affairs or an authority designated by it.

The experts are appointed for four years. A repeated appointment is possible.


No person may be appointed as an assessor who is excluded from the office of honorary administrative judge in accordance with the provisions of the Administrative Court Code. The competent authority shall dismiss experts if the prerequisites for their appointment have not been met or have subsequently ceased to exist. Appraisers can be recalled if there is an important reason. Honorary assessors are to be dismissed from their office upon application.


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