Administrative court proceedings; application for interim relief

If you fear that irreparable disadvantages will result, for example, from the enforcement of a challenged administrative act or from the withholding of a requested benefit, you can apply to the court for interim relief.


In urgent cases, it is possible to file an application with the court for the granting of provisional legal protection. The most common types in practice are the proceedings under Section 80 (5), Section 80a VwGO and the proceedings for a temporary injunction under Section 123 VwGO.

Proceedings can be initiated in writing, by letter, fax or in electronic form. The courts have each set up an electronic mailbox for the electronic submission of documents. Electronic documents must either have a qualified electronic signature of the person responsible or be simply signed by the person responsible (i.e., have his or her own name at the end) and be submitted via a secure transmission channel. In addition to the use of a sender-confirmed DE-Mail, secure transmission channels include the transmission of electronic documents to the electronic mailroom of the court via the special electronic lawyer's mailbox (beA), via the special electronic public authority mailbox (beBPo), the electronic citizens' and organizations' mailbox (eBO), and via the user accounts within the meaning of the Online Access Act, in each case after the identification procedure provided for therein has been carried out. No legally binding declarations can be transmitted to the courts by simple e-mail.

An application pursuant to Section 80 (5), Section 80a VwGO is aimed at ordering or restoring the suspensive effect of an appeal (objection or action for annulment). In this way, a citizen who has received an immediately enforceable official decision and has filed a complaint or an appeal against it can prevent this decision from being enforced before the court has reached its final decision.

Alternatively, especially if an official service or the issuance of an administrative act is sought, an application for the issuance of a temporary injunction by the court may be considered; for example, to secure an existing situation if an affected party would suffer disadvantages that could otherwise no longer be remedied if an immediate measure were not taken.

As a rule, there is no oral hearing in proceedings for interim relief. The judges decide by order without the participation of honorary judges. This ensures rapid decisions.


Applications for provisional legal protection are in principle not subject to a time limit. However, an application under Section 80 (5) and Section 80a VwGO is only admissible until the expiry of the time limit for filing an action against the administrative act whose enforcement is to be prevented.


  • Proceedings before the administrative courts generally incur costs. A distinction must be made here between court costs - court fees and court expenses - and extrajudicial costs - primarily attorney's fees. The amount of court fees and attorney's fees is calculated on the basis of the amount in dispute as determined by the court. Some court proceedings, such as asylum or youth welfare proceedings, are free of court costs.

    If a party cannot bear the costs of a legal dispute himself, legal aid may be granted. (see "Related topics" and "Related links"). This can also be applied for without legal representation.

    The court decides by order whether the requirements are met.

    The entire costs of a legal dispute are generally borne by the losing side. In many cases, court fees become due when the action is filed and must be advanced by the plaintiff. If the action is successful, the costs are reimbursed.


If the application for provisional legal protection before the Administrative Court remains unsuccessful, an appeal against it may be lodged with the Administrative Court.


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