Consumer education; offers for school and adult education

The key to a self-determined life in everyday life is consumer education - the focus here is on offers for financial, Internet and data competence.


Consumer education in schools

The Bavarian Ministry of Consumer Protection aims to work with children and young people to develop consumer skills in the interests of sustainable development. Initiatives of the Ministry of Consumer Protection, such as the programme "Bavarian Consumer Education Partnership School" or the elective subject "Consumer Professional", are exemplary for a variety of support offers.

The basis for the work in schools are the resolutions of the Bavarian State Parliament "Schule fürs Leben" and "Alltagskompetenz und Lebensökonomie als verpflichtender Unterrichtsgegenstand", the Bavarian guideline on economic consumer education as well as the resolution of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany on consumer education in schools.

Consumer education for adults

In order to create more up-to-date offers for adults on financial, Internet and data education, institutions in adult education throughout Bavaria are being designated as consumer education support points. The institutions offer more courses and lectures on current financial and Internet topics and sustainable consumption. It is important to note that the courses are independent of products and providers. This is what the seal "Consumer Education Bavaria" stands for. Partners in the project are the state-recognised adult education providers as well as the Bavarian Consumer Advice Centre and the Bavarian Consumer Service. An expansion to 25 bases is planned by 2023.

The Bavarian Ministry of Consumer Protection started the initiative in 2011 with the further training of course instructors. With the appropriate qualification, recognition as a consumer education trainer and placement at support points is also possible. The application for recognition is possible on an ongoing basis.

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  • Verbraucherbildung Bayern

    Wo finde ich passende Vorträge und Workshops rund um die Themen Finanzen, Internet und Datenschutz in meiner Region? Wie kann meine Schule „Partnerschule Verbraucherbildung Bayern“ werden? Was ist ein/-e Trainer/-in für Verbraucherbildung? Und wo gibt es Fortbildungsangebote für Lehrkräfte und Referentinnen und Referenten in der Erwachsenenbildung? Das Portal "Verbraucherbildung Bayern" bietet aktuelle Termintipps und Hintergrundinformationen für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene. Im Fokus stehen Angebote zur Finanz-, Internet- und Datenkompetenz.

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