Tourism; application for funding for e-charging points

With the funding program "Tourism Bavaria - fit for the future", the Free State of Bavaria supports a powerful new start after the Corona crisis and promotes the installation of stationary charging points for electric vehicles at tourist businesses and tourist attractions in Bavaria.



Against the backdrop of the Corona pandemic, the Free State is granting additional subsidies for a powerful new start for the tourism industry after the crisis. Investments in electric mobility will be promoted. Hotels, restaurants and inns can use it to provide non-public charging points for cars and e-bikes for their customers.


The object of the funding is the construction of one or more stationary charging points for single and double-track electric vehicles at tourist establishments and tourist attractions in Bavaria, including the necessary grid connection and installation of the charging station.


Eligible applicants for investments in e-charging points are natural persons and legal entities active in the field of tourism.

Type and scope

The funding is provided in the form of share financing with a flat-rate upper limit as an earmarked grant.

Amount of the grant

  • Charging devices for single-track electric vehicles (pedelecs, e-scooters, e-vehicles, etc.) will be funded up to a maximum of EUR 300 per charging point.
  • Charging devices for two-track electric vehicles (e-cars, etc.) are funded with a maximum of 1,500 euros per charging point.
  • The maximum number for both single-lane and dual-lane electric vehicles is ten charging points per charging location.
  • The maximum funding amount is 90% of the eligible costs.


  • Charging locations must be in Bavaria.
  • The charging points to be set up must have a connection to tourism.
  • Grants may only be awarded for projects that have not yet commenced. The start of a project is deemed to be the award of a contract for the supply of goods or services.
  • The threshold value of the de minimis regulation must be taken into account as far as necessary when calculating the grant.
  • The funded measure must be completed and invoiced by the end of 2022. The corresponding proof of use must be submitted by the end of 2022.
  • Funded charging points must be communicated in an easy-to-find manner on the respective applicant's website to the extent permissible.
  • In the case of e-vehicle charging points, the current version of the Charging Column Ordinance must be complied with.
  • If the electricity is to be sold, the total charging costs must be based on the regional costs for publicly accessible charging points.
  • A subsidy notice must be attached to the charging point.


Applications must be submitted before the start of the project via the electronic application portal (see under 'Online procedure').

Special notes

Grants can only be awarded if applications are submitted before the start of the project.


The programme will run until the end of 2022 at the latest.

Online procedures

  • Antragsportal zur Förderung der E-Ladepunkte

    It has no longer been possible to apply since April 30, 2022. Note for funding recipients: Due to the current shortage of materials and craftsmen's services, the requirements for calling up funds have been changed, as the funds must still be called up in 2022 in any case. Early drawdown of funding before completion of the measures is possible with immediate effect under certain conditions, please contact your responsible government for this.


  • none

Legal bases


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Status: 09.11.2021

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