Digital radio BOS; registration of fixed radio installations

For commissioning and as a prerequisite for the operation of fixed radio systems (FRT) in digital radio BOS, the registration procedure for fixed radio systems of the Federal Agency for Digital Radio of Security Authorities and Organizations BDBOS must be completed.


Fixed radio equipment in the BOS digital radio network is radio equipment that does not change location during its intended use and whose location can be clearly determined by specifying geographical coordinates. Fixed radio systems are used in BOS services (authorities and organizations with security tasks) and enable them to connect to the BOS digital radio network.

The respective BOS service is responsible for planning and installation as well as compliance with the specifications from the frequency allocation and the implementation of the reaction-free setup. The Authorized Body Bavaria (AS BY) accompanies the registration procedure for Bavarian BOS specified by the BDBOS. By defining the antenna parameters (height, orientation, type and attenuation) and checking the values reported back, the AS BY ensures that fixed radio installations are integrated into the BOS digital radio network as free of feedback as possible.


The applying BOS must basically be authorized to participate in digital radio BOS.

It is necessary that the BOS use equipment suitable for digital radio BOS.

The planning and installation of the FRT systems is the responsibility of the respective BOS. The application is made via the tactical-technical operation center (TTB) responsible for the BOS.


The following steps must be completed as part of the BDBOS application procedure for fixed radio channel antennas:

  1. Determination of the level values of the 3-4 best radio cells (TBS) at the location where the FRT antenna is to be installed by the applying BOS
  2. Entry of the directions of the determined TBSs in a tool developed for this purpose by AS BY (attenuation calculation) by the BOS making the application
  3. Entry of the FRT antenna orientation, cable length, FRT antenna type and total attenuation into the attenuation calculation tool of the AS BY by the BOS.
  4. Entry of the values from the attenuation calculation tool into the FRT application form by the BOS
    Additional information (e.g., pictures of the site or special features at the FRT antenna location) may be attached by the BOS.
  5. Submission of the data (FRT notification form, attenuation calculation and additional information, if applicable) via the Tactical Technical Operations Office (TTB) to the AS BY.
  6. Checking of the FRT application for retroactive effect on the BOS digital radio network by the AS BY
    If there are any queries, the AS BY contacts the BOS submitting the application.
  7. Transmission of the FRT application to the BDBOS/Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) by the AS BY in order to obtain the frequency allocation.
  8. Transmission of the frequency allocation from the AS BY after its receipt from the BDBOS/BNetzA to the TTB and from there to the BOS
  9. Installation of the fixed radio installation by the BOS
  10. Transmission of the level values read at the newly erected fixed radio installation by the BOS via the TTB to the AS BY.
  11. Final checking of the level values of the new fixed radio installation by the AS BY to ensure that they do not affect the BOS digital radio network.

Special notes

Fixed radio systems can only be applied for by authorized BOS participating in digital radio BOS.


Fixed radio installations are registered with the BDBOS/BNetzA in a fixed two-month registration cycle. These deadlines must be taken into account by the applicants in the timelines leading up to commissioning. Commissioning of an FRT without a frequency allocation is not permitted.

Processing time

The average processing time of the BDBOS application procedure for fixed radio installations is 10 - 12 weeks until the frequency allocation is granted.

Required documents

  • Application for fixed radio installation (FRT) incl. attenuation calculation tool

    The BOS receive the required documents through the Tactical Technical Operations Unit responsible for them.

  • in the case of special features at the site: additional documents (photos, drawings, etc.) if necessary


  • none


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