Motor vehicle registration plates; application for a short-term registration plate

Test drives and transfer drives with motor vehicles can be carried out with short-term number plates.


If you want to carry out a test drive or a transfer drive with an unregistered vehicle, you can apply for a short-term number plate for this purpose. It begins with the identification number "03" or "04". This number plate can be used once and loses its validity after the registered period has expired.

The licence plate is valid for a maximum of five calendar days (including the day of allocation by the registration authority). It is not possible to specify a different start date for the period of validity. Please take this into account in particular when submitting your application before a weekend or public holiday.


  • The vehicle must already be known when the short-term number plate is allocated.
  • It must have an operating permit and a valid main inspection/safety test.
  • Furthermore, it must be in a roadworthy condition.

Vehicles without an operating permit and/or a valid main inspection/safety test will be issued with licence plates for carrying out the journeys required for acquisition.


You must submit the application to the registration authority at your main place of residence, place of business or place of the branch or location involved. You can also appoint a representative (e.g. car dealer) with your written power of attorney for this purpose.

If an application form is required, you can obtain it in advance from the registration authority and complete it at home. Depending on what your registration authority offers, a download form or an online service via the Internet may be available.

You will receive a special vehicle registration certificate from the registration authority. The licence plate can only be used on one vehicle.

Tip: You can have the licence plates produced during the registration process. To do this, you can contact the private providers, which are usually located near the registration authorities.

Required documents

  • official identification document
  • Confirmation of insurance (eVB number)
  • power of attorney, if applicable
  • Proof of type approval (vehicle documents, EC certificate of conformity)
  • Proof of valid main inspection / safety inspection if required (inspection report, inspection book)
  • if applicable, consent of the legal guardian in the case of an application by a minor


  • The short-term license plate fee is up to 13.10 euros.

Legal bases

Status: 20.08.2021

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