Blocking period; request for extension, shortening or cancellation.

The general closing time for restaurants in Bavaria begins at 5 am and ends at 6 am. It can be extended or lifted by municipal ordinances or in individual cases.


If you want to operate a restaurant, discotheque, etc., you must comply with the regulations governing closing times.

According to Section 18 of the German Restaurant Act (Gaststättengesetz) in conjunction with Section 7 of the Bavarian Ordinance on the Execution of the Restaurant Act (BayGastV), the general closing time in Bavaria begins at 5 a.m. and ends at 6 a.m. (the so-called "cleaning hour"). On the night of January 1, the curfew is lifted.

If there is a public need or special local conditions, the closing time can be extended (i.e. the respective establishment must close earlier than 5 a.m.), shortened or lifted by municipal ordinance (Section 8 (1) BayGastV). Under the same conditions, the municipalities may also extend or completely cancel the closing time for individual establishments in individual cases (Section 8 (2) BayGastV).

The closed hours regulations have been in force in this form since January 1, 2005.


The municipalities may only deviate from the general closing time if this is justified by the existence of a public need or special local conditions.
When deciding which closing time to set, the municipalities must in any case take into account the interests of the neighborhood - in particular their right to an undisturbed night's rest.


  • The fees are governed by the Cost Act in conjunction with the Cost Schedule.


Administrative court proceedings; information

administrative claim

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