Traveling trade; notification of an activity not requiring a license

Certain itinerant business activities that do not require a permit must be reported to the relevant municipality.


If you sell, distribute or purchase goods or offer services commercially outside a commercial establishment without a prior order, you generally need a permit (travel trade card) (for more information, see "Related Topics" - "Travel Trade; Permit").

However, certain activities are exempt from travel trade card requirements (see "Related Topics" - "Occasional Offering of Goods; Applying for a Permit"). Of these activities, however, some are instead subject to notification to the municipality, unless the trade is subject to trade notification anyway. These are:

  • offering goods for sale, seeking orders, offering services or seeking orders for services in the municipality of one's residence or commercial establishment, provided that the municipality does not have more than 10,000 inhabitants,
  • the distribution of foodstuffs or other goods of daily use from a non-fixed point of sale or other establishment at regular, shorter intervals in the same place,
  • offering printed matter for sale on public roads, streets, squares or other public places.

In this respect, you must file a trade notification with the competent municipality. Local jurisdiction lies with the municipality in whose district you have your habitual residence.


  • Age of majority or approval of the guardianship court


The notification is required before the start of the commercial activity.

Required documents

  • valid identity card or passport

  • Trade ad
  • For legal entities: Excerpt from the commercial register or comparable registration documents from abroad (including a certified translation into the German language)

  • For limited liability companies in the course of incorporation: a certified copy of the notarized memorandum of association and a power of attorney by the incorporators stating that the commercial activities will be commenced even prior to the limited liability company's registration in the commercial register.

  • Minors: Power of attorney or permit by the guardianship court

  • Authorization: Written power of attorney and the ID cards of both the grantor of the power of attorney and the grantee of the power of attorney


  • 12,50 to 50 EUR according to the cost schedule (5.III.5/27) to the Cost Law


Administrative court action


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