Regional culture; application for funding

The Free State of Bavaria promotes initiatives for the preservation of local history and the strengthening of the awareness of local history and tradition.



The Regional Culture Support Program is intended to promote initiatives in the field of homeland preservation throughout Bavaria and to strengthen the awareness of homeland and tradition.


The following are eligible for funding

a) Investments in the construction (new building, conversion, extension or renovation) and technical installations in venues (event and rehearsal rooms or open-air stages) for historical local history plays; the acquisition including conversion or repair of a building is also supported, insofar as this makes a new building or extension necessary for the venue of a historical local history play superfluous (investment support);

b) innovative individual events and projects in which the purpose of preserving local history is paramount (individual funding).

Recipients of grants

Natural persons and legal entities with residence, habitual abode or registered office in Bavaria are eligible to apply for and receive funding. It is a prerequisite that the applicants do not primarily pursue commercial interests with the project.

Type and amount

There is no legal entitlement to funding. Funding is provided in the form of grants in accordance with the budgetary resources available. The funding rate is up to 30% of the eligible expenses, unless the outstanding importance justifies a higher funding rate in individual cases due to a special state interest.


The funded projects should have a supraregional impact.

Funding under these guidelines is only possible if the eligible expenses per project exceed EUR 15,000.

In the case of recurring events and series of events, only start-up funding for the initial implementation or funding for one-off special events can be provided.

A grant may not be awarded if the project is eligible for funding from the European Union, the federal government, the Free State of Bavaria or another state. Double funding from the funds of the Regional Culture Support Program and the funds of the Bavarian State Foundation is only permissible with the approval of the State Ministry of Finance and Bavarian Heritage in the case of particularly outstanding projects whose funding cannot be secured in any other way and whose implementation would otherwise be jeopardized.

Grants may only be awarded for projects that have not yet been started. In individual cases, the approval authority may approve the premature start of a project before liabilities are incurred.


Applications for funding must be submitted to the granting authority via the digital application platform.

The granting authority is the State Office for Digitization, Broadband and Surveying.

Special notes

The assisted area is the Free State of Bavaria.


Applications for funding can be submitted throughout the year.

Required documents

  • Project description

  • Project planning/progress

  • Cost and financing plan

Online procedures

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