Residence; notification of change of principal residence

If you have and live in several flats in Germany, one flat is your main flat, all other flats are secondary flats. You must inform the registration office which apartments you have and which of them is your main or secondary residence.


If you have several residences in Germany, the registration law distinguishes between a main residence and a secondary residence. Residences abroad are not taken into account when determining main and secondary residences, even if they would fulfil the objective criteria of a main residence.

The main dwelling of single persons is their predominantly used dwelling. If you have several dwellings, the dwelling is the main dwelling that is predominantly used by you in terms of time. The time calculation is based on one year. If the comparison of the periods of residence in the respective dwelling does not lead to an unambiguous result, it depends on where the focus of your living relationships lies. Life relationships include relationships with parents, partners, friends, ties to a profession, clubs, church congregations or political parties, etc.

The main dwelling of a married resident or a resident in a registered partnership is the dwelling predominantly used jointly by the family. If you have another dwelling in addition to the family dwelling, this is the secondary dwelling. The duration of residence is not taken into account for residents who are married or living in a civil partnership.

In the case of married residents or residents living in a registered civil partnership who are permanently separated, the same criteria apply as for single persons.

In the case of minors, the main residence is the home of the person with parental authority. If they live separately, the main residence is the residence of the legal guardian that is predominantly used by the minor resident. If a corresponding application is made, this also applies to persons up to the age of 25 who live in an institution for disabled persons.

In cases of doubt, the dwelling predominantly used is where the main focus of the resident's living relations is located.

Possible ownership relationships do not play a role in the assessment of whether you can be registered for an apartment or not.


You have at least two residences in the federal territory.

Decisive criteria for determining a main or secondary residence can be: Age, marital status, employment, family ties, the focus of living relationships.

The final decision is made by the registration office, which will check the information you have provided if necessary.

Required documents

  • if applicable, employer's confirmation of working hours (stay at the place)
  • If applicable, driver's logbook
  • if applicable, further (personal) documents that allow an assessment of which dwelling is predominantly used


  • none

Status: 06.10.2021

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