X-ray equipment and interfering radiators; transmission of test reports by experts

X-ray equipment and sources of interference are subject to mandatory testing by experts in accordance with radiation protection law. The test reports and certificates issued by the experts must be submitted to the relevant competent authority.


Anyone who operates X-ray equipment or an interference source must have it inspected by an expert appointed by the authorities in accordance with Section 172 of the Radiation Protection Act before commissioning, in the event of major modifications and otherwise at regular intervals of five years. These experts shall draw up a test report and, if necessary, a certificate for each test performed. The operator receives the original, a copy goes to the supervisory authority responsible for the operator.

The expert must submit a copy of the test report to the competent authority (Section 183, Paragraph 1, Sentence 1, Number 6, also in conjunction with Paragraph 3, Sentence 1 of the Radiation Protection Ordinance - StrlSchV). This obligation exists in the cases of Section 19, Paragraph 3, Sentence 1, Number 1 and Paragraph 5 in conjunction with Paragraph 3, Sentence 1, Number 1 of the Radiation Protection Act independently of the obligation of the party obligated to notify to enclose the test report of the officially designated expert with the notification.

The test reports shall be sent to the industrial inspectorate at the government with regional jurisdiction over the operator's place of business.


The test reports must have been prepared by the expert designated by the authorities in accordance with Section 172 of the Radiation Protection Act.


Written transmission

The test reports can still be sent to the competent authority by letter post. Please note that there is no proof of delivery in the case of simple postal delivery.

Note: Due to the unencrypted procedure, transmission by simple e-mail is not permitted for data protection reasons.

Electronic transmission

Experts can use the online procedure provided (see "Online procedure") to upload the test reports they have prepared in a timely manner and in compliance with data protection requirements so that they can then be transmitted directly to the competent authority.

  • The test reports must be in PDF format.

  • After entering the name and address of the operator/place of operation of the X-ray equipment, the competent authority is determined.

  • After sending to the authority, the sender receives a confirmation e-mail of the successful transmission of the inspection reports.

Please note: It is not possible for non-Bavarian operators to transmit the inspection reports to the competent authority electronically. However, it is possible to determine the respective competent authority immediately via a link by entering the postal code, thus simplifying the sometimes time-consuming search for the experts.


The expert must submit a copy of the test report to the competent authority within four weeks after the test (Section 183 (1) sentence 1 number 6 also in conjunction with (3) sentence 1 Radiation Protection Ordinance - StrlSchV).

Online procedures


  • none

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