Digital town hall; application for funding for the provision of online services

With the funding program "Digital Town Hall", the Free State of Bavaria supports municipalities, mergers of municipalities as well as municipal associations in the Free State of Bavaria in expanding their online services.



The purpose of the funding is to increase the range of administrative services offered by Bavarian municipalities, associations of municipalities and municipal associations as online services. Online services are digital administrative services within the meaning of Section 2 (3) of the Online Access Act (OZG), electronic government services within the meaning of Article 4 (1) sentence 1 of the Bavarian E-Government Act (BayEGovG) and administrative procedures within the meaning of Article 6 (1) BayEGovG.


The funding is intended to cover procurement measures for the initial provision of online services not previously offered, with or without specialist procedures, including connection of the online services to the BayernPortal.

Recipients of funding

The grant recipients are the municipalities, associations of municipalities and municipal associations in the Free State of Bavaria.

Eligible costs

Eligible costs are the costs for the acquisition and installation of software for the initial provision of online services with or without specialist procedures and, if applicable, licensing costs for a maximum of two years. Expenditure for licence use will only be taken into account as a one-off payment. Additional ongoing services, such as maintenance, servicing and further development, do not count as eligible expenditure.

Type and amount

The grant is awarded in the form of project funding in the form of a non-repayable grant based on the eligible expenditure.

The funding rate is 80% of the eligible expenditure. In the case of grant recipients who are predominantly located in areas requiring special action, the funding rate is 90% of the eligible expenditure.

The maximum funding amount per municipality, per district and per borough is EUR 20,000.


Funding is granted under the following conditions:

  • The online service must be connected to the BayernID - for authentication - as well as being available as an online service of the grant recipient in the BayernPortal. Exceptionally, a connection to the BayernID is not required for the following online services: online appointment allocation, online findings office and council information system.
  • The online service must provide for the use of the other basic services of the BayernPortal (inbox, e-payment) if the online service requires a feedback channel from the administration to the user as well as a payment option. Instead of the basic e-payment service, another comparable payment system can also be used.
  • The online service must also be offered in a form optimised for mobile devices.
  • Finally, funding will only be granted to grantees that will offer a total of at least 20 online services (including the online services already offered) (districts will offer at least 15 online services). However, only the newly created online services will be funded.

Funding will not be provided for projects which have been started before the granting authority has received an application for funding. The start of the measure is the conclusion of a contract for the provision of the online service.


The application for the grant must be submitted online to the Government of Lower Franconia with the required documents (see under "Online procedure").


The grant program runs through September 30, 2023, and grant applications must be submitted in time to be adjudicated during the grant program period.

Processing time

Provided that the required documents are submitted in full, the funding application can usually be processed within a few weeks.

Required documents

  • Tenders to be awarded

    (with a breakdown of the expenditure declared for the operation)

  • Decision of the competent body on the implementation of the measure or an extract from the rules of procedure if the representative of the public authority is authorised to act on his own authority
  • Award notice (see under "Formlare")

    (it must indicate the type of award procedure carried out, the number of tenders received and the tender evaluation)

  • if necessary, further documents

    (will be requested if necessary)

Online procedures


Administrative court proceedings; information

An appeal against the funding decision may be lodged directly with the Bavarian Administrative Court in Munich within one month of its notification.

Status: 06.12.2021

Responsible for editing: Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Digitales

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