Media services; application

If you want to receive advertising time for your theatrical film on television and radio, you can apply for a media benefit under certain conditions.



Applications may be submitted by:

  • Distributors of theatrical films
    • nationwide and
    • with at least 25 copies

are launched in cinemas

Other requirements:

  • The application must specify whether the company is a microenterprise, small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) with
    • fewer than 250 employees and
    • a maximum annual turnover of EUR 50 million or
    • a maximum balance sheet total of EUR 43 million


In the case of applications for additional video or video-on-demand first releases, a minimum of

  • at least EUR 200,000 of media output must have been approved, and
  • a certain number of viewers must be reached.


You must submit the application online to the German Federal Film Board (FFA).

  • First, arrange a personal or telephone consultation with the FFA. During this meeting, you will receive important information about the requirements and application process. You will also have the opportunity to clarify any open questions.
  • Submit your application online. Fill out the application electronically. Print it out and sign it. Send the application and all documents by mail and electronically to the FFA.The FFA will confirm receipt of your application, review it, and submit it to the FFA.
  • Then submits the application to the Commission for Distribution, Sales and Video Funding.
  • The Commission makes a decision on eligibility.
  • You will be notified of the decision by mail in the form of an approval or denial notice.
  • The second installment of 25 percent is paid after the measure is completed and the final costs are audited by an auditing firm.


The application must be submitted to the German Federal Film Board (FFA) at least one month before the official theatrical release. Please note, however, that the Distribution and Video Commission must decide on approval in good time before the film's release so that you can still book the TV spots for the film's release.

Processing time

for the processing of the grant decision: Dependent on scheduling of commission meetings. After meeting approx. 1 week processing

Required documents

  • Required Documents

    When submitting your application, you must submit:

    • Statement on the type and amount of the requested funding support
    • Marketing concept (if applicable, also state that use for radio advertising is intended)
    • Detailed description of the TV campaign,
    • Calculation of production costs and financing plan
    • Distribution contract
    • Number of launch copies
    • Viewing DVD of the theatrical version,
    • Obligation to provide a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) of the theatrical version for viewing in a technical format to be agreed with the German Federal Film Board (FFA)
    • Declaration that blocking periods will be observed
    • details of producer, director and actors
    • Indication of the expected number of visitors circa 15 seconds spot or a detailed description


    • in the event of multiple audits: 1.7 percent of the approved grant amount


  • Objection
  • administrative court action


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