Weapons, ammunition or permit certificates; notification of loss

If you have lost a weapon, ammunition or a permit under weapons law, such as a weapons possession card or a weapons license, you must report this immediately to the responsible weapons authority.


You must immediately report the loss of weapons, ammunition and weapons permit documents that require a permit. Weapons permit documents include:

  • Weapons possession card,
  • ammunition acquisition certificate,
  • firearms license,
  • Small arms license,
  • Shooting permit,
  • European firearms pass,
  • replacement certificate for weapons possession card or weapons license,
  • other permit documents (e.g. weapons trading or manufacturing permit, carry or transfer permit, exemption permit for carrying weapons at public events).

You may also indicate the loss of multiple weapons/ammunition and permit certificates in one report.

If you indicate that you have lost permit documents, you should also request that replacement documents be issued to you at the same time as you file the report.

In addition, you must report to the police that you have lost weapons and/or permit certificates.

If you find the weapons and permits again, you must report this to the relevant weapons authority. You must return any replacement documents that may have been issued.


You have lost a firearm, ammunition, or permit certificate.


You must report the loss of weapons, ammunition or permit certificates to the relevant weapons authority.

Special notes

You can use NWR identification numbers (NWR ID) to help you fill out the ad more quickly:

  • Your PersonalNWR ID (P- or F-NWR ID) for the information about yourself.
  • the permitNWR-ID for the weapons permit (E-NWR-ID)
  • the weapons or parts of weapons NWR-ID (W- or T-NWR-ID).

You can obtain the NWR IDs on application to the relevant weapons authority.


You must report the loss immediately.

Required documents

  • Identity card or passport (copy)


  • There are no costs for the notification itself. However, the reported weapons must be removed from the permit documents, for which costs of EUR 7.50 to 10.00 per weapon are incurred.


Administrative court proceedings; information

administrative claim


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